Why do we get less rewards after clearing delve 500?

With everybody complaining about new stuff, let’s complain about something old instead.

Up until level 500, your starting multiplier in delves for going one area above your highest clear is x2. At 500, such an area does not exist, so you are getting settled at a x1 multiplier forever.
This issue can be partially remidied by the new deep delves, but with their double token price, others already have done the maths, that those are a complete waste and offer even less rewards (but hey, you get a chance to get 2 minor traitstones from a gnome).

I am certain, it is obvious, which suggestion comes out of this complaint.
Delenda Carthago.
Oh, and also increase the starting multiplier on delve level 500.


Hey dev team, do you track how many players ever used deep delves since the release days? I wonder if anyone went there more than once. This one needs complete overhaul as the most useless mechanic.

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serious question…for those that have 500 on every delve…do you even need the resources you get from them at that point? Besides gold…and even that seems to be just building up and up and up…

What needs to happen is NOT keep the option for double resource, but change the resource when doing a 500 delve to things we need…like gems.


I’ve not run Tuesday or daily delves in many months and the only resource I felt like I needed to keep an eye on are shards, but my shard counter hasn’t moved much at all. I have one of the new delve troops at mythic.

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Not quite there yet; have been lazy for long stretches of time and still need to build about ten kingdoms.
However, what I can tell already is, that even with potions I am horrible at playing pure faction and may need a lot more hoard levels than others to compensate for this. So chaos shards will remain relevant a while longer.

I still do the Tuesday faction assaults for the gold and chaos shards, i can blast through them pretty quick, so not a big deal to do them. (All delves at 500 still need shards for treasure troops as still have a quite number of pf runs to attempt)


Tbh at endgame there’s no need for any resource from delve, unless you have only just arrived there.

E12 gaps more beneficial.

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I haven’t just arrived there, i have all my delves at 500 and over half at 2500 renown. To each their own, i despise explore and some days don’t do it at all. Once a week faction assaults i can always use the gold. Maybe it would be more beneficial to put that hour a week into E12 but no thanks.

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Yep depends on where you are in game/individual tastes, plus resources held. :grinning:

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Phrased from the opposite perspective, why does the x2 treasure multiplier exist to begin with? (I think it applies only to room rewards – which can be quite significant – and not the Delve chest itself?)

Still, i rather like the idea that maybe a Lv.500 Delve should keep the x2 multiplier permanently.

I still do Tuesday FA events for the VK at stage 6