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Why do Class Trial Rewards give Gems when it costs Gems to complete the rounds?

This has always baffled me tremendously. Head into a Class Event and look at the rewards…

Round Reward 1 Reward 2 Reward 3
1 1000 Gold 5 Gems 10 Class XP
2 2000 Gold 5 Gems 10 Class XP
3 3000 Gold 5 Gems 15 Class XP
4 4000 Gold 10 Gems 15 Class XP
5 5000 Gold 10 Gems 20 Class XP
6 6000 Gold 10 Gems 20 Class XP
7 8000 Gold 15 Gems 25 Class XP
8 10,000 Gold Minor Orb of Chaos 30 Class XP
Total 39,000 Gold 60 Gems + Minor Orb of Chaos 145 Class XP

How many Rounds can you complete without spending any gems in the shop? Like 4 maybe tops? So for the people who spend no gems, they get 10k Gold, 25 Gems, and 50 Class XP. So… how do you complete further rounds? Buy the shop Tiers, starting with Tier 1, which costs… 30 Gems. o.O

So you’ve made 25 Gems, now you’re negative 5 after spending 30, but I don’t even think you can complete Round 5 with just the first Tier in the shop – it only gives you 2 sigils! If you get 1 Raven in one of those two fights, that’s enough for only 4/5 of the round, so now you need to buy Tier 2 which is 70 Gems. Okay, now you’ve spent 100 Gems, and you get 3 Sigils from Tier 2. That’s 5 sigils, and now if you’re lucky you’ll get enough ravens to complete 2 full rounds. That bumps you up to completing Round 6.

So now instead of gaining 25 Gems, you’ve lost 55 Gems – spending 100 and getting 45 from Rewards.

So honestly, why even bother giving out Gems as a reward at all? Is this like a credit card or something? It’s a pretty bad credit card, because the tiers all cost more and more, so the percentage of gems that I get back goes further and further down… I mean, Tier 3 to complete Round 7 costs 150 gems but I get 15 gems back.

Edit: and to complete Round 8 for the Minor Orb, you have to purchase Tier 4. Perhaps it’s possible with extremely lucky Ravens, but I think the ravens are pretty well programmed to only show up at specific times. I just finished Reward 7 and I’m going into Round 8 with 7 sigils. Without purchasing Tier 4 (250 Gems), I’d have only 2 sigils. Going into the first fight, I get a Raven – that’s 3 sigils left to do 4 battles. No Raven the second battle. No raven the third battle. No raven the fourth battle. Without Tier 4 I would have ended 1 Sigil short of completing Round 8.



Now… that effectively means I’m spending 500 gems to get 39k Gold, a Minor Orb of Chaos, 145 Class XP (on top of what’s from the shop), and… 60 gems, which doesn’t even feel like a reward, since it’s the same resource I spent to get it.

It’d be like using Gold for Legendary Tasks and one of the rewards is Gold. Wouldn’t make much sense, would it?


I think about this every time the class event comes around. It might be a spaghetti code thing. Perhaps they feel the costs for some of the upper tiers are slightly too high, but trying to reduce the costs breaks the other event stores or something else, so they compensate by adding a small amount of gems to the rewards.

This is not a great reason, but cheesy programming hacks are the best I can come up with. :confused:

It’s weird, but I don’t mind the reward gems. It’s hard to imagine any other resource I’d want to get instead of the gems.

It doesn’t seem like that tough a concept?

Imagine a contest where you run a maze or play some game of chance. It costs $5 to play, but if you do really well you can get back $3 cash and a bunch of your favorite candy. Depending on how much you like candy, that might feel like you get more than $5 back. Depending on how much the candy costs, that might mean the person operating the contest is making $1 or more per person even if they win.

This is how the rich stay rich in GoW, both devs and players. Players get a lot of gems for free from their guild and various other things like tributes. Players can spend those gems to play in events. If they do well, they get gems back plus other prizes. The thing that is supposed to keep people playing is the perception that the gems plus prizes is worth more than the gems paid out. The devs like it because the other currencies are just cheap candy meant to make you be happy to get back fewer gems than you pay in.

But if you’re smart, and pick which events you play and how hard you play them well, you will be gem-positive at the end of the week, which lets you save up for weeks when you want to spend more. If you buy everything, you go gem-negative and the devs win. Whether or not that makes you smart is sort of up to whether you’re having fun and don’t give a flip if you’re losing gems.


I normally only fight the class events because of the gem rewards. If they were removed/reduced, I wouldn’t even bother.

I did however buy the Orc tiers to get the Axe Emoji, and as a result got enough sigils to fight 81 bosses before I got bored. The result? Hero Class 47 +/-, I don’t really remember. And 40 of those levels were bought with gems, so seriously, I don’t see the value of the event or purchases other than using the free sigils to get a few gem rewards.


Outside of new class releases, I think this is how the vast majority of us treat the class events – free gems from the rewards we can do with the free sigils we have. However, like my post says, it starts getting weird when you need to spend gems to get sigils for more rewards, and those rewards include gems, and there’s no other way to get them except spending gems – these are daily class events, it’s not like you get more sigils the next day.

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It’s a gem rebate. Not meant to be profitable—not a “reward” in the sense of addition, but rather discount

It’s the same as when they have a gem sale and, instead of lowering the cost of the $5 bundle or whatever, they just add more gems to said bundle (thus making the per-gem cost go down, i.e “sale”, but not in the traditional sense that a lot of people expect to see when they hear the word)


I usually manage to complete 5 levels (5/8) without buying anything. Approx. every 3d battle - Vault Raven appears.

Anyways… Who ever buys more than 2d lvl of boosts (at worst - 3d) for class event? Seriously. It’s much more beneficial to play kingdom’s challenges. Unless You want to get some reward like a title or profile pic.

But they can be (mostly) purchased in the chat (unless event only or requirement specific).

This said… I don’t see any isue with having some gems as rewards for battles during class event or any other event in GoW. Prices for in-game purchases for RL money are much more debatable IMO.

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