Why did I make more gold from PvP while guildless?

I was guildless for a few days while waiting for a spot in a new guild, and I noticed I was making a lot more gold in PvP.

When I was in my previous guild and current guild, the base gold amount seemed to be capped at 1500 for a 3 trophy match. But when I was guildless, the base amount seemed to go up to1999. I joined a couple mid and low level guilds, and still had PvP matches up to 1999 gold.

So why is it when I’m in top 10 guilds that the gold cap for 3 trophy matches seems to be lower?

My understanding is that right now you don’t have the Max Statue Bonuses, so your team scores are lower.

Perhaps someone will have more details for you,

Yep, That’s just how the calculation works on Unity. The developers said they are going to be looking at the Gold calculation in the future.

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I may expand on this further, but its not just Unity, and this has been going on for a long time. Cliff notes version: gold payouts are determined by comparing your global score bonus (or possibly the score of your highest score team possible) with the score of the defense team. If you are “weaker” than your opponent based on this, get a bonus to the payout, but if you are “stronger”, your payout quickly and sharply drops. You lost about 1500 points from your score bonus/max team score and are considered much weaker, so the top opponents now are considered stronger than you and pay out much more. Note that your minimum payout and mid-range payout relative to your score will have also gone down, but it doesnt matter because you now have a huge pool of “stronger” opponents to fight and people in maxed out guilds that have leveled all their kingdoms (five star doesnt even matter) are already at the very end of the score scale.

It has been debated back and forth as to whether or not this is a problem as higher score players tend to finish matches faster and therefore gain more resources overall, but I submit that this is less of the issue and is more of the fact that past a certain point, having a higher score does nothing to increase you average match speed while dramatically reducing your average payout.

In short, the gold formula is broken at the top.