Why are they offering a refund on my goblins?

Why is there an option for a refund on my goblin troops? Are they getting nerfed? I haven’t seen anything about it. I know they are used a lot, but I hope they’re not totally nerfed. It’s the only team I’ve found that is consistent.

Also, on a side note so I don’t have to make another thread on the topic. Is it possible for iOS and android players to play together? I have a friend on android that I’d like to invite to my guild, but I’m on iPhone. Thanks for any help/answers.

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Refund explanations are usually found in the weekly event blog posts:


Ok. Thank you. I’m still learning my way around this forum.

It’s all good. Welcome to the forums!

Regarding invites, PC and mobile players are all in the same pool. If you know your friend’s invite code, it should be no problem getting them into your guild.

I’m still fairly new to the game. Only been playing a few months. You wouldn’t by chance know if android and iOS players can join the same guild, would you?

They sure can. If you’re having trouble inviting someone, it might be that you need to use underscore instead of space before the number in the invite code. I think the underscore doesn’t appear clearly sometimes (on iOS)?

Steam, iOS and Android players all share the same server so they can join guilds together or fight each other in PvP.

Xbox One and PS4 live on their own server so they can’t enjoy cross-platform. (This is due to legal reasons with Microsoft and Sony).

Awesome! Thanks for the info.

Thank you. I thought that might be the case, but wasn’t sure. I play mainly on my phone, but I also have accounts on my xbox and Playstation. I am a junkie for gems.

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