Why are the Tower of Doom rooms numbered as they are?

The Question came up in our Guild why the room in the Tower are numbered II, III, IV and V?
This is somewhat illogical according to us. Wouldn’t it be more logical to number them I, II, III, IV or 1, 2, 3 and 4? Or would that be to logical?

They are taken straight from the Delves. The Delves have 1-5.

The Roman numerals are used to indicate the base strength of the enemy team and are used in correlation with the base rarity of troops. I is Common, II is Uncommon, III is Rare, IV is Epic, V is Legendary.

Tower is meant to be a bit harder and thus does not use any Common teams so the spread is from II-V.

I believe the use of Roman numerals itself is a nod toward the ‘fantasy’ aspect of the game and a way to add a layer of flair.


We had this issue, early on. In the end, decided to use either the Roman numerals or their direct translations. If they ever have multiple rooms of the same difficulty on a floor, we have letter codes set up.

But if they’d just named then a, b, c and d this thread wouldn’t be here.