Why are the shops still charging full price?

Why are the shops still charging full price? When you’re only doing half the work to earn those currencies.

Case in point. This week’s campaign and world event.

Campaign wise it’s supposed to be linked to Shentang troops. But the opponents are Stryx.
Two of the bronze tasks are linked to Stryx troops as opponents. Meanwhile the gold tasks are very much not related to the a World Event.

All the Mace weapons available:

All the Shentang troops available:

Why? Because Restricting roles and just purple troops isn’t favorable for Shentang troops and Mace weapons.

Basically because RNG and a cpu designed our week and not enough human attention is paid to the game anymore.

Yet the shop is still charging full price. :roll_eyes:


I was thinking more along the lines of Mana Potion Gems being bugged, but I guess there can be more than one reason.


I doubt they’re even working on the potion bug. I bet they’re thinking only 4 weeks to go, don’t bother.


Smart thing to do would be to test the crap out of their next campaign, but insinuating that they’d do such a thing is unrealistic.


Just reroll …

Why are players making up their rules and expecting game to follow these rules?

WHY? :japanese_ogre:


So I can do 30 Adana Explore matches or 30 Ranked Matches instead? No thank you.

When you pay for something you expect it to work properly. When it does not, you expect the company you paid to do everything they can to fix it, which they do not.

That is hardly making up your own rules and expecting them to follow them. That is simple ethical business practices, which this company has zero concept of. They want your money, then hand you a pile of horse :poop: and act like you should be thankful.


Tbf I reroll all the time, those awful ones don’t happen all too often. Shame when they do, but I’d much rather risk it than doing some of the pesky ones like certain troop types, weapons, etc


So what I’m hearing is because RNG can/will replace a task with a worse or better task then I shouldn’t expect the devs to take more of an interest in our weekly play and just let RNG dictate it all?

TL:DR the feedback seems to be that RNG is the solution for the RNG issue I had in the OP.

#0. That was a rhetorical question, but if you felt you must reply here’s mine reply:

#1. there’s no such thing as “paying for product” in F2P genre - you pay for what you get in return… doesn’t matter if it’s premium currency or some ingame item - you get what you pay for… and that’s stated in the offer you buy. You don’t get extra credits or rights for spending money.

#2. I’m talking about exactly this part, when talking about “making up your own rules”:

Why the hell, why? Nobody ever said that “opponents in all WE will be from featured kingdom”…
More over - past experience with previous campaigns prooved that such assumption is WRONG… It was as early as campaign 1, where troops you would be killing weren’t the troops from current kingdom week. (or when troop limitations were somewhat excluding most usefull troops from featured kingdoms)

So… I’d just recommend that you guys stop assuming things are working in a way you’d like, without a concrete proof. Stop making your own rules :japanese_ogre:


You’re assuming that they aren’t supposed to be. Or doesn’t have to be… or whatever ideology that you are basing your thoughts on.

You are absolutely out of your mind if you think you can prove anything in regards to Gems of War based on prior history. Considering half the “rules” we play under are always bugged.

For instance… a rule for 5+ years was the player always goes first. Now there’s a bug that makes that rule untrue with zero rush to remedy it.

I’m not making any assumptions. I’m basing my thoughts on logic and patterns and making suggestions off of it.

But here’s a rule you can follow. Don’t try to inform other players of what their perspective should be. Specially when they post under feedback or suggestions. The OP is for the devs… Not you bro.

You made less sense in your rebuttal. But thanks for trying to clarify. O_o

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I’m implying that you see patterns in places where they don’t exist. Or to be more clear ->a pattern sometimes shows up, but other times it does not. You’re suggesting it SHOULD always be there, even though nobody said it will be there in 1st place… You’re making demands based on your assumptions, not the facts.

That’s all.

Sure, will mute it right now. Cheers and have a good day. Feel free to close yourself from any criticism

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It would be a much better game if only each of us could get the Devs to customize it to our own personal taste. Like RNG, fine! Don’t like it, it’s out! Always want the first play, and who doesn’t, it’s yours. Want the AI to go first, we can arrange that. We’ll get the Devs to provide us with a Chinese menu–1 from Column A, 1 from Column B, etc–of options to choose from and that’s what we’ll spend our gold, gems, and cash on. Of course, coders don’t work for free so it might cost us players a bit more and put an end to FTP altogether but you can’t please everybody and if the Devs keep trying to add new content to the game to keep it interesting and sometimes get it wrong… well, fixing it is just a new menu choice away. As for testing it before they release it, I’m pretty sure they do. But it’s hard for one person, or 100, or sometimes even 1000 to simulate the stress a game undergoes in real life with who knows how many players playing at once in who knows how many different areas of the game. I’m not saying they can’t or shouldn’t do better, but how about a small dose of reality added to all the constant bitching!

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Wait, what? Lycanthropy freeze, double skull damage bug, double AI potion move, skull generation freeze, and that’s just naming a few of the recent ones. All severe bugs that you couldn’t possibly not run into by playing the game for at most a few minutes. News flash, they don’t even test their bug fixes, as demonstrated by the Lycanthropy fiasco that required several follow-up patches to get it halfway right. Please don’t insult any proper devs by claiming the Gems of War ones are doing a remotely competent job.


Every major bug that has gone live has been found and relayed to the devs by the beta testers. Even the GaP reward issue was spoken of. The devs have ignored all their input. This isn’t a case of missing these bugs. It is a blatant refusal to do anything about them.

At this point there is no excuse for their inactions.

I can name a few but they’re all inappropriate language for the forum.