Why are the new shiny troops changing colour?

Playing in the new PvP mode, I’m seeing a bunch of troops at shiny level 1 on the enemy team, and when I select them the shiny art on the troop card is a completely different colour to the battle picture and the usual troop art. Like the yeti troop that has blue fur, and when shiny turns into brownish fur.
I’ve not got anything against having more options for how your troops look, but if you prefer the original art, you can’t choose not to make a troop shiny, so this seems an odd choice. Add to that the fact that this artwork change for so many troops must be taking time and resources (on top of the added lore text). Surely that could be spent on new troops instead? We just got a new kingdom, but there aren’t many troops in it yet, and the last few kingdoms still have too few troops and could do with more, if you’re looking for somewhere to spent resources, adding to the game.
Just seems an odd choice to me. Anyone else noticed this? What do you think?

I do not think, that further increasing the rate of troop introduction is a good idea. There are already way too many troops in this game. As lategamers, we do not really notice it, but picture the situation from the view of a new player. Soulforging each of them is not really an option either, when you look at the costs.
I am worried, they will not slow down, and the next kingdom reborn event, that drops another five or so at once will surely happen too, but please do not encourage them on top of it. I for one would not want weekly mythics or so.