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Why are the drop rates for Vault and event shop troops not visible to players?

Just thought I would ask this question because it has been brought up recently re Heart of Rage in Vault rewards,

We can currently see the drop rates for gem/event/glory/gold/guild/VIP keys and also chaos shards but not the 2 mentioned in the title. Is there a reason for this inconsistency?

Legendary task rewards too. Seems odd that we have been given transparency for most drop rates but certain ones have been forgotten about. Chaos orbs also.


The drop rate for Mythic troops from Legendary Tasks is 0.5%, and 9.5% for Legendary Troop.

The drop chance for a troop from Cedric is 33%. Interestingly, you’re more likely to get the legendary Cedric Sparklesack than any other of the Gnome troops. The exact drop rates, I don’t know, because they’ve introduced new ones often enough that whenever a new one comes out, its drop rate is going to be lower in my statistics than all the rest. However, if I had to guess, I would say the drop rate is approximately 30% for Cedric Sparklesack (when a troop drops that is, you still only have a 33% chance to get ANY troop) and ~10% for the other troops (Treasure, Jewel, Soul, Pet, Glory, and Mecha Gnome). However… I don’t know if the new Daemon Gnome can drop in normal vaults or if it’s limited to Epic Vaults. I also don’t know about Heart of Rage, because it’s a Legendary instead of a common, and I highly doubt it has the same drop rate as Cedric.

My guess (because I doubt a dev will reply):

a) UI reasons, where would you show it? It’s per troop I believe, Cedric’s is different than a treasure gnome’s. How would you list it, drop rate per individual troop?
b) I think historically, sharing drop rates has caused a lot of problems for devs. I you list “1% drop rate”, people WILL start complaining “where is my X!?” after 100 battles. They probably just don’t want the hassle.

The Daemon Gnome drops in the normal vault. Once you find one, it drops frequently after that lol.


Not everything in this game can be put in numbers and it is a good thing, I thought. Say GW scoring - there’s no particular formula on how it works yet. We know the basics of it and how to improve score but don’t really know exactly how it works. But that’s alright. That is what excites us about this game.

Everything in the game is put in numbers though. We just can’t see most of them.
And it’s not to excite us. It’s because they don’t want tickets about people being bad at math when their calculations don’t fit with what the game sees.

To the OP… You forgot Chaos Orbs.


Agree to disagree :sweat_smile::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.


From https://support.google.com/googleplay/android-developer/answer/10111791?hl=en&visit_id=637371567532842688-2513652260&rd=1 :
" * Apps offering mechanisms to receive randomized virtual items from a purchase (i.e. “loot boxes”) must clearly disclose the odds of receiving those items in advance of purchase."

Since the company considers that the above does not apply to Vault Loot (otherwise the rates would be public) even though they sell Vault Keys, maybe we can ask Google to determine whether more transparency is needed:

At least we will know whether all relevant rules are being observed.
:relaxed: :vulcan_salute:


To be fair, I really doubt that Vault key counts as “lootbox”. It’s an access to Vault battle.
The fact that the battle is easy and the loot is precious doesn’t really matter for legal definition.

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Actually, making the drop rates visible allowed the community several times to prove that advertised troops were not really in the drop pool, most prominently Pharos-Ra missing from event keys during a Khetar event. They disabled this information to reduce their number of compensation cases.


IMHO, it is a box that has loot in it. You can buy the access to the box with real money. IDK what else is needed and I cannot really understand why would anyone say that this is not a loot box. I know, legal terms and definitions can be absurd and counter-intuitive. However, Google store policy is not an exact example of a legal document, it is simply a private policy of a private company. I presume, if enough users file well supported complaints, Google will have to act on them. IMO, the benefits of being an honest and straightforward developer far-far outweigh the benefits due to some shady development practices, as it should be, or so I sincerely hope.

I would simply suggest the GoW developers to finally compile and publish complete loot/chance table and make sure to double check it so that everything is correct. As I understand, it does not have to be in-game and can be on some alternative accessible resource with a link to the resource provided in-game.

The policy is effective as of right now.


Slowly laws governing these things are coming into view. If this were to pass, ip2 and other game devs would be in some tough spots. These are just a couple of things that stood out to me.

Section 2 definitions 7 “pay to win micro transactions”

(III) assists a user in receiving an award associated with the game that is otherwise available in association with the game without the purchase of such transaction;

^ Campaign pass? The Mythic is available after the campaign.

(IV) permits a user to continue to access content of the game that had previously been accessible to the user but has been made inaccessible after the expiration of a timer or a number of gameplay attempts;

^ All events that require sigils?

There are some references to actual loot boxes as well. I’m not a lawyer and I have seen courts rule that a “well regulated militia” is any single private citizen, so who knows how these things turn out. But at least consumers are getting some help from these pirates.


It drops in normal. Got one today.

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