Why are people still posting dungeon data here?

If there is no patterns, then it’s useless. If there are patterns, then devs would know about it and jinx it. So why are you guys still posting? You are doing no good to anyone.


I think recently it’s mostly been just screenshots on the forum, not discussion of patterns. The forum remains a good place to collect data, just maybe not spread it.


With enough information there will always be patterns, especially only using 6 numbers. That is unless it isn’t actually random and manipulated periodically.

They do that with new players in order to stifle difficulty. So there is precedence.

While the patterns (i.e. door X never contained option Y) were pretty nice to discover – and I would actually like to see it return as a feature – the fact remains that the devs ruled it a bug, and now that they’ve stated that the doors are generated by a fair RNG, tracking the statistics can be used to verify if they look like what a fair RNG should produce.

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What you are suspecting is exactly why you should not post anything. If they messed up again you wouldn’t want them to know.

Because, unlike the mods, players want to help players enjoy non-economy-breaking joys that help navigate deliberately-designed frustrating game elements.

And data points shared openly in forums help achieve that to a certain extent (even if regrettably we can no longer share any findings openly)

(with apologies to the powers that be if any of the above documented facts are considered ‘insulting’: will keep on having to guess since forum suspensions are arbitrarily given away without warning or explanation, further illustrating the modding soft-skills and philosophy to any and all mod apologists)
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