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Why are chat emoticons so small

When I’m selecting them, the icons are 55x55 pixels, but in the chat itself, they are ~20x20.

What is your chat text size set at?


I don’t want to change the size of the text. I have it set to small for a reason. The text size is fine. The emoticons seem to be treated the same though. But text is not the same as small pictures. Emoticons have details in them that text doesn’t.

I have the same problem actually. I also set my text to small but I can’t even tell what many of the icons are. It took a while after having the ice cream cone emojis to notice they even had a face on them. :sweat_smile:

But, notice my text in this forums and how the emoji is bigger than the text, that’s already the case in game. Making the icons even bigger without changing the text size to compensate may look weird.

I wonder if the icon resolution is low? I just checked slack and discord where I also use small text and emojis, and the emojis, while also small, are clear.


Yes, quoting myself for reference. :woman_shrugging:

I just set the graphic quality to mythic, downloaded all assets, restarted the game, and the emojis are still fuzzy. So can’t change the quality of emojis. I still think it’s a resolution issue though. I just measured the game emojis with slack’s and they’re the same size on my phone.

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