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Why am I not getting anything special with the gnomes

Just finished a PVP battle against
Pet Gnome
Cedric Sparklesack
Treasure Gnome.

they never got to fire off… killed them cleanly

(This is like the 4th one today)

I didn’t get anything out of the normal, standard points, standard gold, 1 runic, standard glory

Absolutely nothing

What gives!?

Someone set those as their defense to troll you. You’ve been had. :wink:

You only get special stuff from the randomly generated versions of them. The gnomes with money bags on them. If you can see them in scouting they don’t count. Valraven will only give you stuff on raid/invasion and Cedric only in the vault.


If they don’t have these money bags then they are gnomes that players own and won’t drop anything


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Thank you. Now I know to avoid them.

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…and the same rule applies for the Pet Gnomes :grinning::+1: