Who's your favorite goblin in goblins of war?

Mine’s the goblins. Gobs and gobs of them. So gobbin’ gobby they gobligobbed glib globgoblin goboglobin hemogoblin.


Xmas spirit gone to yer head, did it? :smile:

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Hobgoblin for sure. Excellent point man when the king is too lazy to get off his throne.

This is my favorite Goblin!


That… That is a good Goblin. Ragna’s li’l Helper?

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Heres mine! :grin:

can we get that as a holiday card? please? please? please? please?

My favorite goblin is a DEAD goblin :smiley:



I used to like Hobgoblin a lot… but as I fight goblins in half my battles now, I am getting sick of seeing him…

Rocket Goblin, easily. Great board control, easily meshable into teams, suckish when AI controlled.
What more could you want?

Would the Goblin King be Santa Claus? 'Cause if so, I refuse to sit on it’s oily lap.

quick someone make it a card picture and post it to this forum also i would like to see that as a holiday card too.

I would really want to never see that…

Agreed, enough with the pesky goblins…

Zaejin has already too much Marauders to make brain dead powerfull teams…

i was thinking they would not be marauders or considered goblin race. big goblin can be santa and smaller goblin can be grinch. one gives debuffs/buffs at random and the other steals stats from people at random and they could be human instead of goblin to represent how the grinch stole christmas and santa mythos

Hehheh, funny to see so many serious answers in this thread, when I could swear @Tard_Carnival’s question was more or less rhetoric. :slight_smile:

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How about we talk about this picture… Is it just me, or is that background from a kingdom that doesn’t exist yet? It’s a foreign goblin!

Now that you mention it !
I actually came to think we were lacking some blue kingdoms since there are only 2 providing a blue mana surge bonus chance…