Who shrunk the chat size lol

Need a magnifing glass to read this stuff lol.


Yeah, it is quite hilarious. :smiley:

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Seems like they are doing it on purpose. How is it done?

use ctrl + enter

alt+f4 will help

joking aside, it seems like people are still doing things with the chat that the devs would not have thought to check for. Remember when we could move the chat from side to side? Good times, good times.

I like what Sirrian’s or Nimhain’s response was to that one day in chat: “Why would you do that?..”


But the answer was absolutely simple: accidentally (it was even slightly annoying for me)…
I wonder if it was the same with chat shrinking :wink:

But yeah as Gems said, usually by accident :stuck_out_tongue:

I think the Ctrl+Enter has to be first. It’s shrunk because it’s trying to fit 2 full lines into the space of one normal line. So in theory if you did multiple Ctrl+Enters it would get smaller each time because it’s trying to fit more and more lines into the vertical space of one normal line.

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In my testing Ctrl+Enter is very limiting, you can only do it once in the beginning, since if the textbox isn’t empty it will send the message instead.

If you want multiple lines with content in each, you can do that with Alt+010 instead, that way you can make as many lines as you want (although only the first 5 or so will show in chat).

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Oh. That would be… difficult to do by accident :laughing:

Obviously, for the first one who did it by accident it was probably Ctrl+Enter. I just pointed out that you can do more with Alt+010, as soon as you realize it’s the same thing.

Is chat shrinkage the opposite of epeen in interweb troll speak?

I use to love that on mIRC back in the days before the combo was well-known, hundred of people leaving in a second, weeee!

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