Who is the forum manager?

I had no idea the emails weren’t working until today I’m very sorry folks. I’m looking into it as mentioned.


With this example, can we please start and continue a winning tradition of just assuming something could be not working properly if a player asks questions about something they should normally know the answer to? Or if said person straight-up delivers proof something isn’t working properly?
Further steps on “cx-side”: check-upon, confirm, fix things.


Grok was banned without reason. He posted on only one channel, 038, suggesting that they not post unlock locations for tod on a public channel, as it would confuse newer players.
He was attacked, his posts were driven off the page by repetative spam posts, he asked to be respected, politely, and was sworn at and threatened in dutch. He stated an intent to report, stating, correctly, that 038 is a public channel.
After he stated intent, the actions by others escalated. More threats, more spam, posts made stating that he should leave the channel, players who don’t understand tod are “dumb” and that their “ignorance” is of no concern to the guild that uses 038.
Grok is banned, yet the person who did everything stated is not. Why ??? She’s higher level vip ??? It’s the only possibility that makes sense.
I’ve stopped posting in game. We’ve had a guild harass me and other members of my guild, bully and harass others, attempt to enforce their own “rules,” threaten to report me or others, though we’re doing nothing wrong.
If you guys can find it acceptable to ban Grok, surely anyone, at any time, for any reason, can be banned. There are no clear rules and bans are arbitrary and meaningless.

Copied and pasted for Qarnak, who cannot post ? Any reason why ? He submitted a help ticket on my behalf and now can’t post on this forum. I suppose he’ll be banned next.

Grok you are talking about an ingame chat ban and this thread is talking about a forum ban. Different things.

Plus since you can’t seem to let it go and learn from it and are still attacking this ‘Dutch person’ I can see why you were banned, not really a mystery. Be better.


Working on this stuff at the moment, so live update. I’ve made the following changes and am still digging around for these ban emails:

System messages now come from Kafka, not Saltypatra.
I won’t be the one sending all of them, the messages will automatically use my username, but at least the replies will come to me if there’s an issue.

Trust level changes to access features (old → new):

  • flag posts: 2 → 1
  • ignore users: 2 → 1

Promotion from level 0 to 1 now requires:

  • posts to be read for 10 minutes (up from 0 mins)
  • topics entered: 1 → 3
  • posts read: 1 → 5

I increased the requirement to become trust level one to help avoid any issues from flag spam from new users if there’s some drama.

I also allowed the use of the ignore function earlier because everyone should have the right to not view posts from users they don’t want to interact with.

@icy it’s not that I didn’t believe you it’s that I don’t know which information you have, as soon as you said you didn’t receive the email I added it to my to do list to see what was going on with it. Often CX will ask questions or make suggestions to ensure all bases are covered when checking something, it doesn’t mean we didn’t hear you and we’re open to follow up questions/discussion if what we suggested wasn’t the answer or wasn’t relevant. It’s usually a discussion when troubleshooting issues :slight_smile:

I’m just shocked the emails haven’t been working, I’m not sure if they ever worked currently. I may dig into when they stopped working later, but my priority is on fixing them for sure.


Let’s not discuss specific bans here please. If you’ve written a support ticket we will answer it when we can.

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This feels like a very low bar for newly created accounts to go an a flagging spree. I’m not sure this is a good idea, at least not if you really intend to review all flagged posts.


We can trial it and if it doesn’t work we’ll review it again.
I think the requirements to become trust level 2 are too high if posts need to be flagged.
Another option is to lower the requirements to become trust level 2, but that also seems dicey.

I can also check the flags over the weekend and if it’s being abused I’ll revert the change and remove the flags.


I’m going to test ban Bramble on Monday or Tuesday when we’re both working to see what’s going on with these emails, but I think I see where the break is.

I’m running out of time to contact people in this thread about their bans and deleted posts so I have added that to my to do list for Monday/Tuesday.

I appreciate all the info you folks have given, as well as the constructive way these issues were raised in this thread. Thank you for bringing this all to my attention.


Yes, please ban Bramble :joy:

(Im just joking…before i get flagged)


There usually seem so be enough trust level 2 members around to flag posts that need flagging. At trust level 1, it only needs one disgruntled player to create a few throw-away accounts and auto-lock any number of threads, with fairly little effort involved.


Can you look into why Qarnak cannot post on the forum ?

Cursed in Dutch. Google translate ? Never stated, nor would I, a problem with the Dutch. :slight_smile:

I doubt that very much, but, you have a good day.

The ban has ruined the game for me so you won’t see me on the forums, as I’ve nothing more to say. Our guild is actively looking for a new game to play. My ban showed us that, unless you spend thousands of dollars, you’re at the mercy of vips who have.

Qarnak being unable to post on the forums was just icing on the cake which was filled with another’s poster’s suggestion that I’m racist and need to be better.

Nobody reads anything, most of all, what I post. That’s painfully clear.

(I was unaware that replying to an email created a post. My apologies, as I had no intention of posting and meant only to respond to an email from Kafka.

Maybe, as you’re currently working on email “stuff.” you could clarify that in generated emails ? Thank you.)

Thanks for that tweak to ignoring privs, definitely should be available for everyone.

And good luck with testing the ban/e-mail stuff when you get around to it, hope it’s an easy thing to fix.

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Look, I’m not trying to be mean to you but you’ve been told that this thread is about the forums and not ingame, you’ve also been told to not openly discuss this ban at all - yet you keep doing it.

I sincerely doubt your issue has anything to do with anyone being vip 20. Since I have not been there I can’t comment on what has actually happened but maybe if people try to tell you that this isn’t the right place you should heed that.

As for the issues posting on the forums, maybe make a thread about it and the mods can get to the bottom of it. This isn’t the right place for that issue either


Lots was written. But from what I can see zero direction was given in regards to how a player is supposed to contact support to appeal a forums ban.

At this point I have to assume, you don’t actually have a procedure. And “contact support” is just a throw away line.


To contact support you select “support” at the top of this page and then select “submit a request” then select “ban appeal”

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I’ll hopefully never need it, but I also kind find it anywhere. :sweat_smile:

I also don’t see where to select support. Thanks for your very detailed answers!