Who has the most treasure maps?


I’m sitting on 813 myself.


590 but every week I clear out 50 for more Glory.



could prob have more but never farm them,all from random drops and tasks :frowning_face:


Heh… Nice photoshop pimpin


I have almost 3000 of the things, and I know @en9nhcet plays the game hugely more than I do, so that number is perfectly believable…


I have:


I also never farm them. 5.5k is definitely easily possible.


Only 1109. I use a few here and there when I get bored.


I still think its photoshoped…

My opinion and i am allowed to have it…


I’ve got 2875 maps. I never farm them and only play them in TH event weeks so that number is likely to keep growing…


What a noob…



Of course. Sounding silly has never stopped you sharing opinions before, why now :grin:


Yup i enjoy sounding silly almost as much as you enjoy feeling superior to people😘


Sometimes it’s hard not to!


Dude, why would you antagonise someone saying that it’s photoshopped? Imagine your reaction if you’d been the op and someone said that to you?
Sometimes you really don’t help yourself.
Anyway, I don’t see why 5k wouldn’t be unachievable with almost 3 years worth of playing, I know folks with over 3.5 k maps but don’t really care about them as currently they’re mostly unused end game and just keep mounting.


2,509 mappages here :grinning:



hmm, ok so i know of 1,253 different treasures hidden out there
… or is it just 1,253 map copies leading to one treasure? :thinking:


It’s not just a feeling brudda :thinking:


Time to start suggesting what we’re going to do with them all?

I may wallpaper the house… twice…