Who has received the lowest vault key reward? And who has received the best?


I saved up 4. Here are my results.


Best I’ve ever had


I spent a lot of gems on Kit Sith so I did all my vault keys hoping to get some of those gems back and here is a few thing I got





That minor orb is totally gonna be Growth, isn't it?

Nope, it’s an Asension Orb!! Now I’m conflicted.


I win…


How about a double pull with a major!



I had 12 keys saved up. So far, so good.



What are vault keys? :wink:



Out of my 12 saved keys I pulled 10 orbs of chaos!!! 2 majors! Mostly wisdom. One growth. A few clan orbs and those 2 ascension orbs from above!


I feel like those bags should at least have laughed at me. And possibly run away.


Got an orb of clans which I’m pretty happy with


Look at this smug little bastard.


A vault key and a major orb! Ignoring which orb it is, that’s probably the best in the thread.

I suspect that during a vault event, the gnomes in the vault don’t drop more vault keys than normal. Otherwise we would see more posts here with vault keys in the vault.

To people in the future: the post replied to was not during a vault event.