Who else is enjoying the Grosh-Nak rework?

With only having a day to play with the reworked troops, I must say I am enjoying them.

Orc is actually usable now! Enraging, plus a gem transformer is so nice. Don’t tell the Dev team, but they let him keep Fire Link too!

Gar’nok seems a nicely balanced gem transformer and let’s Orcs start with 50% mana! Who the heck saw this coming. I didn’t even realize Orclord had the nice rework, and then bam, the orcs are fast enough to compete.

Drake Rider, with his 100% summon on death is very cool. The nice buff to letting his damage spread out is nice.

Orgyn is an orc. You think I’d have noticed, but I didn’t, until I was able to get a nice cheap firestorm up. That with all the board control is interesting.

I haven’t managed to adapt to all the flexibility they offer yet, but if you’re looking for some fun and get a quick feel:
Drake Rider


I for one think It’s Great! Kind of got overshadowed by the Unity stuff.

The team made them fun to play without making Orcs OP.

I would like to see more of this with other troops!


I mentioned this in a different thread yesterday. I’m loving the new orcs, they’re a lot of fun now, the changes give them a distinct feel, and as @Strat mentioned they’re really strong without being OP.


I never really cared much for orcs, but I always did like Drake Rider and used him on my dragon team. He’s now much better being able to take out three troops at once.

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What I like the most is how they came up with a new identity for the orcs, the whole “when I take (true) damage, I get stronger”.

Although I also feel like this makes Gar Nok (and traits obviously) really vital for any Orc deck.

Mixed views. Fun with the Orc team when it works. But bit clunky, not feeling high end so far. Hopefully more exciting when a few more Orcs arrive on the scene.

I had a daily task with orc so i tried this team and it was fun

Drake rider
Dark song

No orc who can explode gems to help them refill quicker so the 1/2 mana start is very welcome

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They re stronger but still a bit squishy with lack of Hp and immunities. I think an Hp buffer, or healer could help. Like Aurora or the Green Guardian.

I actually like Gar’Nok now. I used him as my main summoner in GW in a 50% all troops team. The team if i remember was Orion(as ridiculous boost this week), FG, QA, and Gar’Nok. The team can recover it’s own damage and of you’re really lucky can barrier everyone

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Yes but you’re supposed to just summon more of the horde!!! :grin:

And remember Bugbear is an Orc too, from the Goblin town. When it was summoned in by Gar’Nok, I was a bit ‘huh?’ til, I checked.

Team I use is the same troops as @Esoxnepa, with Fel’Dras and Drake Rider swapping positions. It is a nice team that covers all colours and plays a lot differently to other teams I have.

The enraged on a troop that increases attack is very nice, I was up against the Astrals with something around 50 armour and 80 health, was no dramas for my enraged Orc with 107 natural attack!

I really like the reworked Orc traits, so that Gar’Nok is buffed when he’s in an Orc team, but gives no stat bonus to other troop types (without Orc Armour, Cunning etc).

Certainly, have made the Orcs ‘feel’ different to the other troops types.


I’ve not even had chance to see if console got orc reworks yet, it should have as it’s 3.05 too.

Yes we got it

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I loved fighting against a Wyvern which poisoned my troops, who then proceeded to buff up each turn. Was sad when it wore off…

Poison wears off now?

Bad choice of words, I cleansed myself without thinking :frowning:


I finally got Stonehammer’s Unbreakable trait, and Enraged Orcs slice through it like butter. :roll_eyes:

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Orcs good.
Orcs +50%, stupid.

That double bonus has a way of taking strong but balanced troops and making them stupidly broken. Scale Guards, Astral Spirits, Cyclops, etc etc.

Completely agree. I’m wondering if +15%/30% or maybe +10%/20% would make things more reasonable. +25%/50% is just too much for many troops.

I’d be content with 25%/25%, meaning there is no extra bonus for being both.

That seems the most reasonable to me. A 50% boost also makes it somewhat difficult to evaluate a new troop on its release week, since it is so heavily inflated.

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