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Who else has ALL hero armor unlocked?

Who else has ALL hero armor unlocked?

Got bored, spent a bit under 2k gems unlocking all the armor. Now my dwarf and bunny girl are divas with full wardrobes.


I got them all back when the game was giving around 5k gems a week to the top few guilds. There wasn’t much to use it on, so I figured it was only a small dent.

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Like @tacet said

I did it several months ago. I wish I had the gems back.

It was the first thing I did when I started the game and I did a million treasure hunts to afford them. Why? Because when it comes to video games, I’m a stereotypical girl who wants all the outfits (while only having a single pair of shoes in real life).:blush:


I have the entire set unlocked, just in case.

Just in case what…? :thinking: I only have Celestial Armor unlocked because it’s the only one I really like. :smiley:

I agree it’s the prettiest one (because I don’t look half-naked in it)!
But both 500-gem armors are really good. Before I went for Deathknight, I switched armors between PVP and explore (soul farming) around to get more gold or souls respectively.
The others are just for looks, obviously. And I do change them around ever so often, just as my hero’s race. Admittedly, though, it’s not as important anymore - with the old UI, when the hero was largely visible on the worldmap, it was a big thing. The small image in the top left these days isn’t doing much, obviously. Really sad.

I don´t see the point in unlocking them all…
I got dragon for money,and celestial for souls.
All I need.

There is no point lol.

And normally I’d be so cheap that I’d only open dragon…