Who Carried You?

Queen Mab. I spent $$ on her when she first came out, it was the first time I could PvP without losing more than winning. It was the first time I felt like I can compete, really made me enjoy the game and upped my play time by a lot. Used her until she got replaced by Infernus.

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Had to think a bit on this one.
I would say started with a Knight team with Knight Coronet then a true damage team with Emporer Korvash, Marlith, Moloch and Spirit Fox carried me for a very long time!


I ran Titan with Mang, Goblin Rocket, Goblin and Boar Rider so often, that Boar Rider was still my most used troop after unlocking and using the skeleton key team for almost 8 months. (I did use Boar Rider on a beast team for awhile as well after Mab was introduced.)

Goblin Rocket was the straw that stirred the purple drank tho. I still use that rascal, but not as much as I used to.

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Me too! Along with Dark Maiden as a general support troop/mana generator, and probs Ranger :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.

Infernal King + Sekhma (With Dark Maiden in the middle, and Bronzelock/Anu’s Sceptre/MC up the top, I think) was a combo I seem to recall using for harder battles, especially when Pet Rescues were introduced.

I ran a Centaur team in my early-mid levels for PvP with Artema, Herdmaster, Star Gazer and Bul’Tauros (before having a hero on the team was essential).

Then used a Flammifer(?), Dark Maiden, Yao, (Sekhma?) team in PvP for a bit.

Then MC(?), Ish, FG, Star Gazer :stuck_out_tongue: after which Talents were introduced.

Didn’t get TDS until after 1000+ :stuck_out_tongue: but Pharos was my first craft, and used him to finish some of the quests on Warlord III-IV, making them when more painful than they already were :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.

Occasionally used him in PvP, for fun, but wasn’t as quick or reliable as my main teams.


Emperor Khorvash/Valkyrie/Crimson Bat/Mercy carried me for at least 2 years. But it was a different game back then.


On gowdb.com you can see how many times you’ve used a troop in PvP.

My first legendary was Crimson Bat (then one of the best troops in the game) and I’ve used it almost 4,000 times. Every troop with more uses is from one or more long term meta teams.


When I got to about lvl 50 I went through all I had (which wasnt much) and I built knight coronet, satyr musician, shocktopus, baat daam dao with bard class. I spent all my time getting everything to trait the bard and knight coronet. Once I got it traited it carried me in pvp 3 trophy almost through lvl 1000

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Pc/mobile I was lucky and got a Plague early on. I couldn’t trait him, and he took forever to get mana, but his debuffs helped me do more than I could have without him.

On Switch my first major score was Gargoyle from Halls of Guardians faction, he helped me get to mid game.

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Kraken…long, long, long time ago. pre-4x speed




Check out my win streak on that ish sometime :wink:

Gob rocket x3

Those were the days. Then titania came along - even better!


Copycat. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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I was carried by


Yes, I’m old.


The Dragon Soul
Draccos 1337
(Before the days of hero xp and class leveling)





I wouldn’t be here today if I didn’t get that random mythic by accident during an exclusive week that I didnt even know was a thing at the time.

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Early on for me it was Dragons too. The Dragon Soul, Krystenax, then I got Elemaugrim from an LT & I knew I was hooked on the game.
Fun topic, thanks.


I started playing when shentang was released so for me it was emperor Lliang diviner spellblade sword master. It was a long long time before I got Yao but this team got me going and earned my 1st 5 nil in wars at about lvl 300 (not pure colour obviously). Abynissia was my 1st and only mythic until I was past lvl 1000 and she did me proud. As of course did mang etc. The good old days.

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I got The Worldbreaker shortly after I got The Dragon Soul and my team “Gorgotha and the Dragons” was my go-to for months. The only reason I quit that team is when I finally got the Infernus team.

After that, I sort of followed the meta, since I was able to get whatever the broken troop of the month was.

All of the above is kind of why I wish I could think of a good way to “prestige” troops and get rewarded for it. It’d be neat to keep my bonuses but go back to “missing troops” and have to sweat and figure out how to build a decent event team. But I don’t want to do that if I don’t have a guarantee that eventually when I get the troop back it’s a little stronger.

But I don’t like that idea 100% because it means people who can spend more hours than I even have available in a day get to lap me :wink:

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I like hearing this. Abynissia is one of my favorite Mythics. When I started (pre-Guild Wars) she was brutal and I hated facing her in PvP.


I got by in my first 500 levels or so by using Sparkgrinder to boost my mechanist hero and Morthani’s will to deny them mana, nearly three years ago… It was slow as hell, but pretty effective :sweat_smile: Afterwards I played a lot with a Carnex/2xTesla team (Tesla is still my favourite troop in the game), until I finally pulled Krystenax and TDS, it’s been a while :slightly_smiling_face: