Who are the top ps4 guilds?


I have had many discussions with them, they are not happy about it so take what you get and don’t throw a fit.

I fight em daily too, you see me crying?


plz be kind to each other.



Reported for what, stating obvious facts?


I guess once justice is sorted then demotion could be on the cards? The update could make things interesting :slight_smile:


Got poor sportsmanship, the only rule here is no callouts!! nothing about defense teams!!


Ok, I’ll set mine too since it’s such a issue!!


Ok so let me get this straight… @mld-81 you would prefer we set easier defense for GW?

I thought quimby was a guild full of gangstas just like nemesis so why would you need us to make it easier for you?

Do the other guilds set their GW defense teams to suit your preference? Somehow i doubt it so why call us out?

C’mon man you guys are better than that in my opinion so dont prove me wrong…


If they are i wanna make it known that Nemesis has NO part of it! If it ever happens apart from being shocked at @Santandrix allowimg it i would leave immediately! I would rather be in bracket 1000 then be a part of a system of bulls**t alliances


Good that Nemesis is out. I deleted the reply because I am just plain simply done with this alliance thing and fear the worst on PC/Mobile too, sadly…


It’s not about making it easy, jvm is easy to beat. It’s lazy and lacks creativity. You should know as you’ve set it yourself. Finally, Quimby and Nemesis are nothing alike.


I have said in the past that the only way i would leave nemesis is if @Santandrix boots me but as an amendment to that the only reason i would voluntarily leave woulf be due to an allliance with another guild.

This would be very sad for me and not only because i really enjoy my guildmates but because it would mean i had badly misjudged santandrix. I dont believe i have tho.


Yes i set it myself… Any idea why i may have done so?


Reasons already stated, no need to repeat myself :slight_smile:


You are right… Not 24 hours ago i was singing the praises of quimby and congratulating you guys on an excellent GW performance and here you and @Nephilim are complaining about the defense teams of your opponents.

So yeah based on the last 10 minutes or so the difference between us? We are good sports while you seem to be whiners


And im lazy? Nice…


I will never set alliances with any guild other then sending my kicks over.
Competition is competition and I’ll keep it that way. Vjm may lack creativity so get creative and beat it, don’t cry!


I have no doubts that this is true brudda


And to help those guilds not bracket 1, shout out to crimson sky, lords of the rings and penguins, keep up the hard work guys, you’ll get here someday!


I have placed over 20 ppl in those guilds.


Forget about it @Santandrix you dont have to explain anything to poor sports!

Yo quimby you want 3rd again? EARN IT! Stop crying its unbecoming of you.