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Which witch event help

Event which Witch? How do you start this event where with what explore kingdom?

Just do explore in Urskaya

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You need to have unlocked Urskaya far up in the north first.

Killing any Urskaya troops in explore mode will increase your event counter. They can show up anywhere, you’ll encounter them more likely in Urskaya though.

Zidane; I did that! beat all the quests already. But when I explore
there… no credit is given for that even. I have tired using Urskaya
troops too. Don’t know what I am supposed to do. Thanks for responding

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You must kill the bear type called Urska 100 times, sometimes they spawn, sometimes they dont. Urskayas Explores is the best option.


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Oh that makes perfect sense THANK you; I should of figured that out!

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and you don’t have to use Urskaya troops btw.



I did this in less than an hour and a half. I really don’t understand the problem. Just retreat or go open a gold chest if none appear pre battle. Both of these will reset the opposition.

Do you know of a quick way to generate resources for Xbox one?

Best way to get resources is to join a top guild which does at least all the basic tasks. And that also is in one of the two top brackets in the Guild Wars. You better play this game quite a bit to be able to join a good guild, as often the requirement is high. If you are a newer player you should start out doing tons of Treasure Hunts, can get maps by using Tyri in battles that also is a free reward when finishing the Zhul’Kari quest-line.