Which troop do you hate to fight aagainst and why?


Personally, I hate fighting against the Shadow Dragon and the Rock Worm.

I did not try out many troops, but I’ll rather have these in my army than fight against them.


There’s a thread devoted to this already I believe called “Evil Defense Line ups” (or something close to that)

I think it really depends on what level you are. Around level 60 I had a team that seemed to win almost every game, and it had no legendaries in it. No troop really bothers me, but I haven’t run up against a Webspinner/Venoxia combo yet. Something I’ve seen mentioned in other threads.


I hate it when I fight troops that keeps on going and going BUT, like I said, I’d rather have them on my side LOL

Good point, combinations can be devastating.


Here’s the other thread:

Evil Defense Teams

And yeah, individual troops that are really powerful I think are ones that can recharge themselves like Rock Worm, but generally good synergy is more powerful. However the most powerful team is crippled by a dumb AI that you can exploit. Apparently it will be harder in a patch or two; the AI engine might be purposely built like that so it consumes less processor power or comes to a decision faster, or just so that it’s at a lower difficulty setting. My team that always wins on offence almost never wins on defence.

Even Rock Worm on defence is dumb because the AI will do 4/5 of a kind brown matches before using its power, clearing the board of brown before it fires again.

Edit: or the AI might be built like that because it’s damn hard to build AI. I’m an IT programmer and I’ve tried to build an AI for a simple game once and… yeah it was hard. And it was dumb.


Thanx for that thread buddy :grinning:


Yup. Writing AI is a bear. Most people have no clue how difficult it is.


Which makes me wonder, why bother? Why make the game online only, then only allow players to face AI? Wouldn’t true pvp with timed turns be easier?


Not really. Connectivity issues would be a constant problem to fix, along with implementing some sort of timer to prevent stalling.

What sounds nice/easier on paper could actually be one of the biggest hurdles to overcome. Being online is only one factor in live PvP, coding actual user battles makes AI creation look like coding a calculator.