Which challenges give nature stones?

I´m currently farming nature stones, and I have a lot of challenges to do.

Which challenges give nature stones so I start on those ones?


Forest of Thorns would be where I’d go @redanilap

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Green kingdoms. Forest of thorns, Zaejin, etc.

Click / tap on your profile picture, go to Inventory, then scroll down to the list of Trait Stones.

Click / tap on the ones you’re interested in farming and it will tell you which Kingdoms they are available from.

Also you can go to https://gowdb.com/kingdomtable and see what colours come from which Kingdom.


thnx, but i was interested in challenges.

if i farm a kingdom, i get random stones (color and value)

in tier IV of challenges i get a nice amount of small stones, all of them of the color that i need.

that´s what i meant :slight_smile:

That’d why you gotta look at the kingdom’s mana colour bonus.

For example Zaejin, green mana, gives green stones and green jewels in the challenges.

oops, last answer was only for Rockwell, sorry

i did what the other people told me. thnx

no need for more posts. :slight_smile: