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Where's the weblink for posting to community Support on Consoles?

Just a general question here.

I’ve noticed that multiple people seem to be able to create an official Support Ticket on the forums that looks like this:

… But I haven’t been able to find out whether Console users have access to this form letter form.

So, is there a link somewhere which permits us to link to this support page?

And is there a way to get to this page without first generating an error condition on your device?

I had a jaw-dropping humdinger of a gameplay error on the Xbox One, which blasted away my 519 game Win streak. GRRRRRRRRR

Snapped some pictures of it though… They were interesting, to say the least…

https://support.505games.com/support/home - There you can log in and send them support tickets

I guess that’s the only Support page available for Console users then

Not sure why that’s not enough? The PC/Mobile has only one site…that I know of.

The Support you see, auto creates when a Player goes to create a thread in the category Support (PC/Mobile).

There should be a Support Category for Xbox/ PS4), if the text not appearing when you try to create a thread here, I’ll take a look into it.

We do want console players to post bugs here.

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