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Where's my magic? (level 500 and no increase)

Describe your issue:
Made level 500 today. That gets me a +1 magic - yay.

And… there was no change in my team’s spell power. For example, my Goblins were doing 15 points of damage per spell before. After I made level 500… they still do 15 points.

There are a lot of things which can change the magic power but I don’t think anything happened (like a guild bonus expiring) that would explain this. I checked the spells immediately after the level increase to 500 and there was no change.

Somebody suggested I wait until level 501. I did. Still no change.

Stats gained on level up apply to the hero’s stats only.

Hero level up only applies those stat bonuses to the hero.

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You got it on level up, only applies for Hero.

Ok - thanks to all 3 who answered so quickly!