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Where to get Hellcat

Can someone tell me if there is some way to win Hellcat? To I need to battle in a certain area? With a certain troop? Or is it just completely random and I haven’t been luck enough to get it yet?

You can get Hellcat from Glory keys, Gem keys, VIP keys and event keys when its kingdom has an event. He might also appear in an snotstone event challenge as a reward, and or in the shop when its kingdom has event. Also worth to mention that he might appear under yellow or purple crafting stones some weeks in the Soulforge, you might be lucky getting him. Good luck tho.

Best go would be event keys IMO, when Blighted Lands has an event.


Thank you.

He might in theory but in practice the Snotstone rewards are always the quest-line epics - so Herald Of Chaos for this kingdom.

Sorry to nit-pick - everything else is spot on. Epics are buggers to get hold of, and especially to ascend. Keeping an eye out for crafting a 'cat on the yellow or purple summoning stones a la forge is a very good tip.

That’s quite a name you’ve got there.

Try this?


Ok, dumb noob question of the day. Where do I get these Snotstone rewards? Your entire first sentence was completely Greek to me.
Sorry for my ignorance.
Thank you for your reply.


You need to find the events section, which is in the roll icon that is over the in game mail icon at the world map. There from you will easily find the snotstone challenge.