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Where is the Souls? (Topic to close)

One question to GoW Administration.
Where is my souls? 20171002140944_1?
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The gowdb shows you the amount of souls you need to fully level all troops. The in game number shows you how many souls you currently have. The numbers aren’t meant to match.

Hope this helps!


I guess the one you have highlighted in red is the total amount of souls you need to level your troops.
In your case it is including all unobtained troops.

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Now I see, True Friends. Now I have looked at the cost of producing artifacts, and some have already created them. Topic to close. thank you for the explanation :slight_smile:

GoWDB used to show your total Souls (and Gold, Glory, Seals, Keys…). That information was removed from the API, so I had to remove these from the site.

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Ok Lyya thx for Information :slight_smile: