Where is the lost torches of Underspire in this week?

thursday i saw that

then today i see this?!

9.11?9.11 is the next week!
because of reset,i lost 34 torches in this week,so that i couldn’t finish Underspire!
with 34 torches,one more free lantern is nothing!if i have another 34 torches,i can defeat seven dragons,and get more precious rewards!
could you send email of torches?just like exalted path rewards.

you say 9.11,means give up this week.so i could ask that,if the compensation of next week including the 6th、the 7th dragon rewards or not?
oh,i use lantern in the 6th or the 7th dragon,then the 6th or the 7th rewards are double.

The post by developers is clear and gives you the answer you seek. It goes a step further and says no need to create new topic on the issue.

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This is one of those times where being cautious bit me back. I grab the free lantern when I get to the second treasure so I don’t accidentally use it before. So no free latern for me.

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