Where is The Fool?

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The Fool has to be in the vault now! It is week 5 now after last campaign.
You devs keep lying and lying.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Same happened to last campaign with The Magician, but because of that lack of communication from devs’ side, idk if devs just forgot to add The Fool to the vault or just lying or just forgot to announce it in official news or whatever.

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Will be 4 weeks at weekly reset tomorrow? 1 week of ToD then 3 weeks of latest campaign so far.

Personally, I wouldn’t use any vault keys until it has been officially confirmed that it is in the drop pool though.


They always say 3-4 weeks as an approximation the reason they do not give an exact date is so they have no motivation to be held to it. Always wait for it to be announced they do announce in the news when it has been added to the vault. Even if 6 or 7 weeks have passed since the end of a campaign and it has not been announced assume it has not been added. Even if they do announce it has been added try and wait for confirmation from players willing to take the risk that they have found a copy before spending keys as sometimes/often they make mistakes and all their information should always be taken with a grain of salt.


thanks guys.
As veteran I know what to do, just wait for announcement and don’t waste my vault keys.
But newer players don’t know it and not everyone is reading forum or is in a well informed guild.
I just want the devs to stop this wrong information of 3-4 weeks, they just ignore their own rules since quite a time now.
there was a time when tarots where added to the vault in these 3-4 weeks (even earlier).


I’d say we’re the fools for still treating this game with respect.


Hey all,

It is on the way, as always once it has been released we will announce it within a blog post. :sparkles:

Unfortunately some awkward timing with the number of public holidays we have had, BUT soonTM

Jeto (she/they) - Support Human :woman_mage:t2:


and…? 6th week and still nothing?


that’s what it seems, and it’s sad.

There hasn’t been an announcement from the devs, so I assume it’s not yet there.

Although the Fairy Gobmother is in the Soulforge this week…

6 weeks in now I think? Incredible some would say.

“Once the campaign ends, you will need to wait 3-4 weeks to try and find it in the Vault.”

Maybe we need a “Consumer Alert” warning about this, not just always in the weekly news post? :thinking:


Someone get @fourdottwoone to make one

RNG dictates release dates and the reliance of the devs “schedule”.

To be fair it must be immensely difficult to take a troop that was offer only by means of payment and then putting it in vault rewards. That dare I say it? Can be obtained for free for those patient enough.

We never had these issues before doing your taxes became easier than knowing troops availability and release dates.

But also, there’s not a vocal movement to make the devs accountable for such things due to backlash fears from the devs or fellow players. As well as the unfortunate truth… Who’s left to complain?


We are lucky, AWRyan is still here to complain. Go @awryan!

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There is basically no excuses for this, so here I must admit that the silent treatment fits well. :facepunch:

The playerbase is always the fool.


i saw the news, but can’t see anything on forum, so to inform you all:


Uhhum, ninja fix!? Why it is released on a Friday?


Guild member used some 500+ vault keys this week to get diamonds. Because Faerie Gobmother is in soulforge, he thought The Fool would be in the vault keys too. I feel pretty bad for him wasting all those keys. He could have easily waited til Friday and try to The Fool at the same time.

Oh well, bank holidays rule…

I just waiting for a confirmation that someone found him in the Vault today? All GMs collect datas from Discord please, looking forward to try my luck.