Where is my rewards (s) plural

It says rewards all I get is a reward?:face_vomiting:

Guild seals & an xp bonus = rewards :+1:t2:

Guild seals :scream: how many?
FYI: the 100extra guild seals by the end of GW is nothing when we can get that in less than 1h.
Plus if the seals are counted with our weekly cap makes these seals from GW as not exactly a reward. But as an insult and a trick to make us feel as we are getting something when it’s not:mask:
GW should be the most rewarding event as it’s the pride of the game and that’s where we can separate thorns from silk :+1:
(I never saw seals as a reward and plz don’t try to convince me otherwise thank you)

I agree it’s the most rewarding event, it is after all the only one you don’t have to spend to earn. But the real rewards come at the end of the week, none of us are fooled by daily rewards (of which you get diddly if you don’t win each day).
There are some people (not me btw) who will do the full 1,500 seals on a Monday, therefore they get those as a bonus & they are technically a reward as such, much like the daily login seals once you reach 1,500 for the week…

I like it. I like it a lot.:sweat_smile::joy::sob:

Wait are your sentinels free?
And I can play all events for free too :+1:
Do you have to pay to play other events?

Do you really have to do sentinels?
If you want the troops from the events then yes you have to pay, if you want to progress enough to actually help your guild then yes you have to pay. GW doesn’t rely on a specific troop to aid in progression & you can help your guild by using troops you’ve already accumulated. So in terms of rewards for outlay GW outshines them all, why do you think it went from every week to every 4 weeks?

It’s 50 seals a day, 350 seals for the week for winning all your GW days, and winning GW overall. The 50 seals has a 7Day expiration, so you can wait until you have collected 1500 seals before you open them. 20 seals is roughly equivalent to 1 gem key, so that’s a bonus of 17 gems keys.

But then you lose your xp if you collect them all on last day ether way we are the losers

M going to let you in this little secret you do need specific troops for GW (colour) plus i doubt you can perform in top 10 without good troops they called META… I was being sarcastic in my previous post as you contradicted yourself when state that you have to spend for event and not GW. But the when you say you don’t need specific troops for GW it show that we competing at different levels me and you :facepunch:

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I may be wrong, but I think you get the exp bonus automatically, but have to open the mail to get the seals.

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No you wrong unless they change it as when I was at baby lvl I use to keep them thinking they add up to 600% :sweat_smile:

They don’t add up, but I think you get the 50% automatically everyday. I’m too lazy to micromanage my seals like that anymore. And things do change, the 50% xp bonus use to NOT expire for three weeks when they first moved GW from weekly to monthly.

We may well be competing at different levels - I’ve been in the top brackets on PS4 since gw came out & this week I was also Bracket 1 on switch while not having the vast majority of the ‘meta’ troops you seem to rely on, so your snide shots at me assuming I’m a newbie have little effect :joy:
Levels indeed, jog on…

Noob or not has nothing to do with the lvl of competition we choose to be @ (we have ppl less than 1k and they performing beside us) :+1:
everyone here on forum knows that you need a sentinel if you are really competing and want better rewards no difference from other events is just that GW is less rewarding.
You can spend the same amount of time doing boring maps and you’ll get better rewards than GW of get the statics in :woman_teacher:
That’s just an illusion that you get better rewards :wink:
Just to make it clear. When I said we are competing at different lvls it means that you might be taking easy when you do your GW compare to me who likes to win always (Unfortunately we can’t always win when RNG peekaboo on you)

No you don’t. The mail doesn’t contain the XP bonus it’s just there to tell you that you have it. This has been this way since GW came out since I’m pretty sure it’s impossible to claim a bonus.

You don’t get gem keys from treasure maps…
You do get gem keys from gw…

I get gem keys from treasure maps all the time. Gota get the big box.


What are on about?

Opposite way around. You do get gem keys from maps but don’t get them from GW. The only thing that GW gives that no other mode does is GW troops.