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Where is my mastery weapon?

I got the great maw when it was up and thought about making a devour team, then i ran into a person using black manacles and i looked them up. according to the game guide it says “Unlocks at Magic Earth Mastery 40” i had 39 earth mastery and so i went to a kingdom and leveled up earth mastery to 40 but no weapon was given to me, so i figured i had to level up and so i leveled up and i still don’t have the weapon.

Do i have to level up until it gives me the option of earth and level earth up to get it?? or is it base mastery only, and does not include all the kingdom and guild bonuses?

Only points in mastery that you earn on level up are counted. No kingdom mana boni.

So, yeah, level up till you make it. :wink: Cheers

NOOOOOOOO!!! hero is only at 14 earth…im already lvl 90. i won’t get it until atleast 150 at this rate…why can’t the bonus mana count???

…Guess it’s a good thing i got the deathknight armor, i’ll be farming this out for the long haul.
By the way, the extra 100% exp bonus helps SOOOOO MUCH. it used to take like 20 battles to lvl up, now it only takes like 6, its beautiful.

Oh, well, I just got the Black manacles, at lvl 248, kept my masteries even, so a bunch of other weapons is a BIG plus. :wink:
Don’t rush the earth and magic masteries, keep them even and it will be better in the long run.
The Manacles are good, but many others cards can be much more efficient for the cost.
Try going for the Necromancer class weapon, that one has Death Mark and AoE damage, pretty powerful and easier to get. It aint no devour, but it comes close.
Death Knight armor is the single best thing to buy in the game, so kudos to you! :wink:

Is Deathknight Armour actually that good if you already use the 500 gem armour that gives 100% extra gold?

It is essentially a maximum of 20 extra souls per match… and some XP that is pretty much irrelevant really

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I have the Dragon armor and it really helps get the gold in PvP.

Death Knight armor is like Dragon+ Celestial+ Exp boost on top. Very much worth it imho.
It also comes with a bunch of keys, so added worth is rather nice.

Compared to Dragon armor, it gives a bonus to souls and experience. And it looks really good. :wink:

@Tacet says it is totally worth it, so if you can pay that much, go for it.



If you already have the dragon armor then no it’s not a have to go out right now and buy. Unless you just have the extra money to spend. To anyone that doesn’t have the dragon armor though or any good armor, def. get the death knight armor.


What you said expresses what I was thinking.

Id like to contribute something to the developers but I dont feel the armour is worth it. I know it is by far the best deal in the store but still… if it also had +100% glory :champagne:

Black Manacles requires 40 gem mastery in both brown and purple on your hero.

So that the lower levels don’t turn into a mindless bloodbath of op hero weapons


Yeah that’s reserved for lower-mid levels and higher, damnit

You can begin unlocking Legendary-type Hero weapons at levels earlier than 150+, if you start pumping the required colour Masteries from an early enough level.

But the way it’s set up now on console, you have to track your base (personal) mana masteries with OCD obsession in order to know where to put your level up points. I usually take a photo of my Hero-specific mastery Overview before I start my gaming session on console.

What’s displayed on the mana masteries Level Up screen is a huge point of divergence between the console and PC versions. When I mentioned this to 505games support personnel, who agreed that this was a valid point and that the way that Infinity originally designed it makes better sense, he suggested we should rally in the forums and ask the Console Devs that this particular difference get fixed.

So, there it is. If you want the masteries Level Up screens to get corrected and NOT display only Global masteries, you’re all going to have to ask for it officially. That’s all I can say.

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I’ll state it more simply. Do you want the console devs to change the mana Level Up screens so they display base masteries like the PC/Mobile version? Please put your +1 vote here… Thanks!


@Nex & @Mr.Strange

I would second the above statement. The way this currently displays for console players is quite difficult and awkward. I thought I had been upgrading my masteries in a relatively balanced way, but when I checked the underlying info on the hero page (which is itself very difficult to do given how quickly the components fly past), I was shocked to see that I had a spread of over 20 points between my highest and lowest mastery. I’m now trying to begin levelling these out, but it will take me somewhere around 100 levels to do so.

Please make the mastery #'s that display when levelling up be the hero’s base numbers (like the PC/mobile version).


To me, if they were to display your levels for all different mastery types, that’s perfect (maybe that’s the way it is on PC/mobile?).

But if it’s strictly a choice between Hero and total masteries, I would personally choose to stick with the combined total. The reason is that the Kingdom bonuses are so skewed toward certain colors. Blue currently has 20 available, while Purple has 50 available. Assuming your guild evenly distributes its masteries, that means you have to allocate 30 more Hero mastery points to Blue to even up with Purple. If you’re only shown the Hero masteries, you will likely be unaware of this and just choose the color that has the lowest Hero level. I think most people want their total masteries to be nearly balanced, so it makes sense to just show that total, regardless of how it’s comprised.

Just my opinion… :slight_smile:

It only looks that way because we’re only 2/3rds of the way through potential Kingdoms. Console users do not have access to the new Glacial Peaks (Blue/Purple) or Leonis Empire (Blue/Yellow).

Until Drifting Sands arrived we’d been at 21 for a while, so there’s room for 12 more Kingdoms mathematically (I believe) so their colours will be distributed accordingly.

As for keeping your total masteries nearly balanced, I keep the personal masteries evenly balanced to speed up weapon progression unlock. There are vanishing returns for keeping the total masteries balanced themselves; once any element surpasses about 50% mastery, it does not produce a higher frequency of surging in-game. If it did, then Level 1000 players would be unstoppable, unbeatable powerhouses.

I’m pretty sure the more mathematically inclined can explain this better than I can with respect to the colour mechanics. =p

I agree, eventually they’ll probably mostly balance out, but we’re at least a couple months away from that happening, and they may never completely balance. Quite frankly blue has been behind for so long that I’m surprised more thought didn’t go into the allocation of colors amongst the original kingdoms. Did Maugrim Woods really need to be green? Did Mist of Scales really need to be red?

And I guess we’re at different points in the game. I already have all the weapons unlocked, so Hero masteries don’t mean anything to me anymore…I just want my total masteries to roughly even out. I can see how it might be different for players in the beginning to middle stages of the game, however.

Here’s a tip in the meantime: if you level up as the result of an Arena win, it will show only the Hero masteries. If only Arena still had traits! :slight_smile: