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Where is my invite code

I’m told you can find your own invite code in the lower left hand corner of the hero menu I’m looking for it, I can’t find it, can you see your own invite code if you are the leader of your own guild?

It’s on the lower left hand corner of the SETTING Menu. You can get there by clicking on the pug icon on the right side of the World Map.

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I have the ps4 version will it be in the same place?

Uhm… I don’t remember then. I’m on PC/Mobile.
But I don’t think it’s hard to find.
It’s either in the Setting, Hero, or Account Tab. Just browse thru them ><
Sorry I can’t help more.

ok thanks for trying anyway

but I still need an answer

Like ctu1208 said on the PC/ Mobile versions invite code is located on the setting menu. I’m not sure if it got changed in the recent PS4 update, but with any luck it is in the same place.

Otherwise you may have to contact 505 Games support to ask or hope other PS4 players will know. Sorry.

ive checked everywhere and I cant find it.

You might want to query 505 Games Support then.

Press options on your controller. This will bring you to the sound/music/etc settings for the game. Invite code is at the bottom of this screen.


5 Months later … lol ^^ awsome

Press the Start button on your controller & it will bring up the settings, the inv code is at the bottom :slight_smile:

/s o nobody has an answer?

I have no idea now since the update >_< Normally, you press the “Start” button on your controller (Xbox One) and you’ll see Settings, it’ll be at the bottom of the screen.

If you press start on your xbox controller, your invite code should be down the bottom of the menu.