Where do I find this 'reward' Thingambob?

DAMN I wish I had just taken a picture of this card I was just awarded in PVP after leveling up called Thingambob

But I can’t find it anywhere in my weapons or troops…

Someone tell me what this is?

It is the Merlantis kingdom weapon.

Can you try restarting you game and see if it appears?

AAAhhh I get it from Little Mermaid

And there it be… INTERESTING… someone’s been watching Little Mermaid as much as my youngest daughter did…gah


But who cares?

No big deal…

I want more…


We went through three VHSs because my youngest LOVED that movie.

We have ‘other lyrics’ we came up with over time because of her watching it over and over and over… (As well as Totoro.

When she was much older it was Nightmare before Christmas.

And now she has a daughter who does the same thing.