Where did the term "snotstones" come from?

I see many posts using the term “snotstones”. I assume they are referring to traitstones…?

If I’m wrong, please educate me. If I’m right, how did this terminology come about? It seems to be accepted jargon, but I could find no post here in regards to it’s definition.


Snotstones is the stones one need to get to unluck the rewards from in the events.
This event is called “Giantslayer” and is about slaying Giants in any game modes.
So they are event related, and has nothing with traitstones at all.

Someone started to use the word snotstone for these one day and it spread. Since these stones is green I believe, they were called snotstones, as they looks like little mocuses.

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I think it was forums user @Jainus who popularized the term. He’ll come by and tell otherwise if I’m wrong!


No idea who that was…

Seems to have happened in this thread: 2.2 Patch Notes when events first launched, though I can’t tell who was responsible…

EDIT: sniped by @Grundulum… ah…


Ah it was no other than Jainus. :wink:

Ah thanks! Yes I know the green stones you are referring to. I had no idea - thought you were all calling traitstones, snotstones!

And yes, they are odd (snot) looking…

Thanks for the info!

Some call them event points or event gems to avoid this kind of confusion.

and the frags, event fragments, frag points

but the snotstones just got so popular i gave up on the event points or the frags, sigh :sweat_smile:

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It does allow me to post “all your Snots are belong to us” in chat whenever I complete the weekly challenge, mind, which has to make it worth it…


I think it is because at the same time Sir Snothelm because the gems look like the snot running off his nose if I remember correctly.