Where can I get Egg Thief?

I am currently trying to build a gold farming team and I do not have Egg Thief. Do I have to wait for another glory event to get this unit with 300 glory points? Also, what is the best way to get the most glory points?

Egg Thief is an Ultra-Rare troop. That means you can get it from Glory keys, Gem keys, and certain Guild key chests (your guild has to have collected at least 2,500 seals this week).

It’s also sometimes available via the Summoning Stones in soulforge, Event keys if and only if the week’s kingdom is Karakoth Dragon’s Claw, or event shop tiers if the mix of its colors/creature type/kingdom make it eligible.


What Slypenslyde said, except that the kingdom is Dragon’s Claw, not Karakoth:



Hopefully I can get lucky with the glory chest. haha. Would it be a waste to use my glory on glory chest? If not, what is the best way to farm glory?

PVP is the best way l know to get glory :slight_smile:

How many glory keys do you get a week, generally? If you’re not at least in the dozens, you might consider joining a better guild.

Alternatively, a full Arena run will get you glory keys pretty quickly. Just play on normal difficulty and grind out souls, trophies, and (eventual) Egg Thieves! :smiley:

It’d probably be a waste of glory to spend it on glory keys if only because there are so many other troops a glory key might pull instead. I’m afraid the best medicine is patience and the things @Magnusimus said.

I think the Taran’s World numbers tell me 1,000 keys is only about a 70% chance, so imagine spending that much glory and not getting it :confused:

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I am not sure how many I get weekly. I just joined a new guild two days ago, but I did get lucky and got a vault key and cedric dropped for me. I might have to try area or PVP especially since it reset I am at tier 15 right now.

I am currently exploring sword edge to get the traitstones for Cedrics traits. At the same time, I am working on my 250 battles to get the skeleton key.

I had over 4000 glory points but I used them all on glory keys about 3 days ago trying to get egg thief and that didn’t turn out too well :confused: Is there another unit I can use to replace egg thief until I get the unit?

How about using a Hero with Bronzelock Pistol? Add Cedric, Greed and Bonnie Rose (or any mana accelerator). That is quite good before Egg Thief

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You can use Apothecary instead to fill up Skeleton key. She also has a small gold bonus when traited.

It’s also possible to get Egg Thief from the Tower of Doom Tier shop. I highly recommend buying Tier 4 this week. Good luck.

Thank you everyone for your help! I tried the Tier shop but did not get the egg thief. So, I used another 1000 glory and got the unit!!! Now I have to max trait Cedric and get the key to +10. Any tips on how to get mystic ingots?


Delving is by far the best way to get ingots! You can earn legendaries and mythics from the delve chests, and if you have sufficient renown you’ll even get some random ingots free daily.