Where can I find Invite code PS4

I can’t seem to find the invite code since the recent update on PS4.

I am on my pc should this be sent via PS4 and if so how?

Please keep in mind I’ve only been playing a little over a month now.

Press Options button in-game on PS4 to get your invite code, it is in the bottom center of the screen.

Thank you. Our TV has been taken over to watch the NFC Championship game. I’ll check it out in a while.

Perhaps GoW should have done some football thingy like they did during the Christmas Holidays. LOL

Yeah, but just for the Superbowl weekend, defiantly not for playoff/championship games like the NFC tonight.
They could also do the all the major sports finals too. (Soccer, Tennis, Baseball, Basketball, Olympics, etc…

Found it right where ya said it was thank you.