Where are we all enjoying this wonderful game?


Welcome @TimeKnight to spot # 177 on the map.


I’ve been to Austin, Texas! I didn’t get to eat much out there as I was only there for 5 days. I do remember eating sausages at a restaurant and they were nice but nothing more traditional like a pie or BBQ.

I’m playing Gems of War from the office in Melbourne :wink: Though I can’t remember if I have a spot.

I also went to Thailand last October, it was super cool. Beautiful country, glad to see you here :slight_smile:

@Denthegod Welcome welcome welcome! I’m so glad you feel that way about the game. I think we balance things nicely I’m proud we can have a game that can support us as a company without having to make players feel as if they have to spend. Hopefully I will see you around.


Well @Cyrup I didn’t see you anywhere in the list of postings. You’re office co-horts are on here though but there’s no rule about more than one post for a location. :wink:

Welcome to the map at spot # 178.


I’m new here and this looks fun! I’m in Aurora Indiana!




Welcome to the forum @Doc. Lots of great people here with all the experience and knowledge to help any level of player. An amazing community. :+1:

And welcome to the map at spot # 179.

And also a welcome to @Jimzah. You’ve got a spot on the map at # 180. Glad to include you both!


Hong Kong, China.


Welcome to the map @Cody_Five. You’ve got spot # 181. :smile:


Time for a bump. Just in case there are any new members who’d like to plug their respective homes. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I love this thread, I am glad to see it return. :slight_smile:


Thanks for all the “Likes” @Terrorist. Much appreciated. :+1:


You’re welcome @collectorofgems :smile: I am catching up on the forum :wink:


I’m from Orpington, England.

Originally from Belgium though.


Shanghai, China.


@esslee is your map pin (number 3?) out of date now?


Yes it is out of date (Chichester, #3)

Now in Bower Hinton Somerset :grinning: