Where are the Troglodytes?

Darkstone’s advancement is currently blocked for me because I’ve only got 31 of 32 troops leveled to Mythic.

The one missing is Troglodyte where I’ve got 80 of them, but I need 100, however they don’t appear to be in Chests.

So where/how do I pick up the remaining 20? (I’m not really willing to waste an Ascension Orb!)

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Once every six guild wars you get them as a weekly reward. Number depends on the bracket you’re in.


Oh, terrific :roll_eyes:

So at the rate of GW weeks and the number we’re likely to get, it will probably be the end of 2023 before I get enough to advance the Kingdom.

I might as well blow an Ascension Orb… :poop:

Thanks for the reply anyway.

Honestly, at this point in the game ascension orbs should be much less of problem with GaPs on Vault Weekends. If the GW/ToD troops are blocking your progress there’s really not the same scarcity problem for using blue orbs as there once was. I say just bite the bullet and get them done so you don’t have to worry about them anymore. I know it’s hard to ease up on the kneejerk reaction of using something once so scarce on a mundane troop, but I know I’ve readjusted the way I view them. To each their own though and you do you.


You’ve got a point there, I’ve just looked and noticed that I’ve got 10 minor Orbs, 6 Major and three Orbs of Power :dizzy_face:

I’m so used to them being incredibly scarce that I didn’t even bother to check!

Right, sod it, let’s use one…

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