Where are the Gnomes? Where are the Mimic Chests?

Did you “The Dev’s” forget to turn on the Gnomes & Mimic Chests?


So far, it looks like that mimic chest rate is 10% and hoard mimic (from mimic) is about 20%. Then the drop itself is another 20% (really hypothesized at this point since we have so little data). I have not seen a chance on this.

For gnomes, I have many friends including myself finding plenty, so not sure what you are referring by “forget to turn on”.

Good luck with the hunt.

Edit: I just realized that you are posting for PS4 / XBoX, I apologize I should have checked. I was talking for mobile.


I can confirm the gnomes and mimics are available on Xbox today. I still haven’t been lucky enough (or played enough) to find my first hoard mimic battle. But the hunt is on!

Good luck and happy gnome hunting!

I haven’t played a whole lot today, but I’m finding a healthy number of gnomes. Mostly of the band member variety, alas, but I did find a Cursed Gnome while in PvP (and splattered him to the tune of 15 runes).

I’ve yet to find a Mimic in explore since the patch dropped, but I also haven’t played so much Explore mode to be really aggravated about that. I’m certainly running “below the average” on frequency, but it’s not to obnoxious levels of RNGeezus taunting me. (Yet.)

I need help, I didn’t receive campaign rewards.

I didn’t receive the pet weapons troops from the campaign, I bought the elite pass and so far I haven’t received it

Did you do all the campaign missions to receive the stars and unlock the rewards? The elite pass only allows for them to be unlocked when completing the rewards.

Sim fiz todas as tarefas 1200 estrela recebe a orb do poder mas a tropa mítica e a normal Pete e arma não recebi,eu comprei o passe elete ontem de manhã isso a 24 horas já.

Sou nível 1926 jogo no ps5

Been getting more cursed gnomes now, than with the boost earlier, anyone else having similar thingy? Only one more step and my forge is fully upgraded.

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