When you know revenge is futile


I’ve tried to crack this nut at least 4 times, but I just can’t do it. That defense always makes me sad, lol.


What defense? All I see is the hero…
Maybe if you showed what you were up against, someone could help with a way to counter it.


It’s you.

5th attempt so close this time.

Right before he kills me.

2 archon
1 borer
1 coronet


Can try one of those Armor-stripping troops, such as Bone Dragon or Grave Knight.
Instant zap to Armor 0!


I’m about your level and have beaten him on revenge numerous times. The stoneskin team is rough though.


What do you run?


That team threw me so hard when I saw it. Pretty fun change though.


Usually run a valk/slime shell with skeleton/kos or vslime shell and a true shot or a bone dragon team to destroy that armor.