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When will we have a Real Time PVP game's mode?

I’m really looking forward to this feature,and believing the others have the same conception :slight_smile:

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Hopefully never. I doubt real-time PVP will be enjoyable. Just think of board control teams, which can rotate for a very long time.


I’m afraid not, that much depends on the PVP rules setting

Yeah. Consider how long it takes the AI to end a turn when it’s controlling a goblin or board control team. A skilled player might make some moves faster, but will probably take longer to decide to make a move in a lot of cases. You might as well go make yourself something to eat when you end your turn. And if everyone started walking away when it wasn’t their turn, it would only end up making the problem worse.

At some point, you’ll get bored and end up considering a faster-paced game, like chess by snail mail.


I completely agree. I really hope the developers will focus their resources to better use than real-time PVP…


Agreed. A human opponent makes the game more challenging than playing against an AI.

Second best option is to improve the AI.

This has never been hinted at by the dev team, I don’t think it’s part of the plan of the game. I’m totally fine with that also.

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I would prefer this all day.

Au contraire…


Exactly this.

I hope they don’t add real time PVP. It can already be painfully slow getting through PVP because of certain types of teams. But, if they do add it, I hope it would be a separate game not connected to the current PVP mechanic.


Pretty darn nebulous sounding

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I don’t want real time PvP, but I do want some kind of feature in this game that is real time. I proposed a draft system for a mini-game a while back that would work well with real time in this game.

The closest thing to this around is the Fantasy Series…


My vote is a NO on realtime PVP. Too many killer combos that would make realtime pvp just a lesson in frustration.

@TaliaParks when’s voting open BTW

The next 10-30 minutes the first ones will likely be up.

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Thanks I’ll have time to vote before having my soul drained at Walmart lol

Personally I’d like the opportunity to set playstyle rules for my defense team a la Final Fantasy XII. However, I’m also a huge nerd. So, yeah.


I’d like to be able to program my AI to ignore skulls and 4+ of a kinds when using Jarl and other such teams (rock worm and goblins also come to mind)

I’ve been thinking this would be cool as well. Maybe something like “Favour spells over skulls” or “Prioritize Hero spell over non-hero spell”, “Target weakest enemy first” “Target healthiest enemy first” etc