When will GW come to console?

So when will we see Guild wars for PS4 or xbox? I would love to try it out.

Currently I believe the patch is with Microsoft/Sony for approval, so it will depend on them as to the timeframe. So all we can say is:



Changed your title to better reflect your question even though @Ozball already answered it. :slight_smile:

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To be as specific as possible with all that players know.

  1. Guild Wars will start the week after the update is deployed on console.
  2. The update will be deployed after its approved by both Microsoft & Sony.
  3. The update was re-submitted for approval a few days ago.

As @Ozball so eloquently put it, the official word for now is Soon™. We can’t give out an official, concrete release date until we have approval from both Sony and Microsoft, as any issues will cause a delay in the release date and we have to push it back. We let the community know when we know for sure, basically.

The current status as far as I’m aware is that the update has been approved by Sony, and we’re currently waiting to hear back from Microsoft on the status of the resubmission. It has already made it further through testing than the last submission, and we’re not anticipating anymore issues, but then you never really submit with the intent to release thinking there’s a problem. That would be silly.

So yeah, Soon™.


Thank you all.

It is here!!! yepiiieeee.

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