When the cheaters are begging for bans, you know the devs need to spend more time cracking down

Usually, I wouldn’t post about blatant cheaters. But this individual is calling them self out already.
@Saltypatra tells me all the time that I know where the line is. To me… This doesn’t cross the line so long as I censor the images myself.
But basically… There’s an individual playing on PC/Mobile with the name “hacker” that appears to be a quite accurate description of his alleged hobbies.

Credit to the devs that when they do crack down, they crack down hard… But it needs to be, at the very least, a weekly thing. (I won’t guess as to how often it happens outside of the automated reports).


Probably should just disable the pvp leader board for steam/mobile as it’s just too hack-able. If cheaters couldn’t break the pvp board, they’d probably pass all together.

Uh, for every blatantly obvious cheater you tend to get dozens flying below the radar. Sometimes you manage to get a glimpse at what is going on by paying close enough attention, what you see is truly discouraging. Apparently the current Big Thing is a certain reworked game mode that offers huge benefits without showing up prominently in any profiles or leaderboards…

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There is too many cheaters already in this game, and the devs are doing (almost) nothing to get them.

I get a feeling that this game actually promotes or encourages cheating.
Of course, if there’s a high VIP player, they can cheat all they want.
Even if they get banned, it will only be a temporary thing.


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Banning isn’t a binary choice. You break the rules, you get punished based on the severity of your infringement and your past transgressions. Your first strike usually isn’t a permanent ban, you only get sent on an extended vacation to meditate on your sins. That’s not just how GoW handles it, it’s pretty much common practice.

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I used to be harsh on Cheaters but after my time and experience in GOW I have a bit of sympathy for them (they probably felt the game RNG is cheating them so they took a different approach to enjoy the game)

Eg: someone started playing the game and really enjoyed it but he was held back by bad RNG for a long time so he decided to take the advantage in the weakness of the game coding to recuperate the time wasted waiting for good RNG seed

Not fair for him to be cursed by bad RNG regardless if he plays 1h or 10h a day
And not fair for honest players too
So the blame is the laziness and the greediness of the Devs #SimpleLogic

You just described the life of a crackhead in front of a circle k spending every dime on scratchers trying to hit it big until finally decides just to rob the place because it was easier.

GOW is addictive :white_check_mark:
Wait does this crack head spent time grinding for the scratches?
yes That’s the best description :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
FYI m just a spectator atm

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Cheating I don’t care. Not my problem unless they put me on the payroll. If someone wants to be number 1 on a leaderboard that bad then goodness. People cheating has no effect on me what so ever. Am I saying they should be allowed to do it? No but it’s just outside my pay grade to care about such things.


On one hand I hope all cheaters get what they deserve and the devs start cracking down more regularly as OP mentioned. On the other, who really cares as rojo said? I’ve made pvp LB a lot and cheaters have never once affected my experience with pvp or the game itself. If they want number 1 on the leaderboards so bad, go for it, they will most likely get caught in the end anyway.

Hey, banning is actually a daily occurrence, not weekly. However, Tuesday (the day you posted) happened to be probably the only public holiday we have on a Tuesday so we weren’t here to do manual checks.

I’m not sure if the original post is suggesting that reporting players gets them auto banned? Because they don’t, they’re all checked by a human. Otherwise people could just gang up on someone they don’t like and get them banned for no reason.



Thank you! Great response, and glad it’s seen to daily.

I understand the viewpoint above but even if cheaters think they’re Robin Hood they’re not Robin Hood.

Robin Hood robbed the rich to fund the poor. Also in this case he didn’t have specific beef with “the rich”, it was more “the royalty, who are taxing people into poverty without providing the services expected from those taxes”. So for the cheaters to be Robin Hood, they’d have to somehow be creating gems and giving them out to the least fortunate players. It’s still a pretty long stretch.

Instead the cheaters are robbing from the poor, as in “the other players who could be getting the prizes they are getting”. And they’re giving to themselves. That’s not Robin Hood. That’s just “a thief”. Part of getting on the leaderboard involves triumph over the RNG, but if you have the teams that’s more or less guaranteed. These people are angry because they’ve played GoW for “a really long time” and they haven’t been given a place at the top for zero effort. So now, to get back at the game (which is just an abstract entity with no feelings), they’re lashing out at the players who had nothing to do with their pain.

No thanks. That’s not the origin story of a sympathetic villain. It’s the origin story of a henchman who tries to hit Batman with a pipe to take out his anger that because People Are Too Offended Today he lost a job for setting the HR Manager’s car on fire on Diversity Day.

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I suspect that they are even more angry about spending a ton of effort and resources trying to get an Orb of Power, then have that reward yanked away by someone blatantly cheating their way past them. Doesn’t help if the cheater gets banned a day later if the big prize disappears along with the cheater.

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One of us is confused, my “these people” are the cheaters who are cheating, so if they’re mad that other cheaters are cheating better then I think they should learn to cheat better and cheat more strategically. If you’re bad at both playing honestly and cheating I honestly don’t know what to suggest.

Me, definitely me. I somehow read that part as referring to those playing honestly. :sweat_smile: