When taking away Warlord difficulties in PVP, please make the game harder

I mainly play on Warlord I or II because winning every game without hardly having to think about it is too much of a grind for my enjoyment.

I understand the desire to put all PVP on an even footing – I look forward to what you can do with it. That said, I hope you will take the opportunity to make better AI rules for some spells.


  • If you can convert a color of your choice, pick a color that gives you a 4/5 match.

  • If you can choose what gem to explode, pick one that gives you a 4/5 match.

  • Buff your front troop rather than a random troop.

  • Give convert-to-gemtype spells priority over taking match-4/5’s of that gemtype.

  • Aziris. The poor fool. Having him on a Defense team is strictly a mistake made by players who don’t realize that A. doesn’t know what his spell does.

Especially that saboteur Aziris!

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I don’t think anyone has him on a defense team by accident :wink:

I’m pretty sure 2.0 will have some form of scaling for PvP for those that exceed on hard, which is basically everyone that has the resources to build a decent deck.

You’re guessing most Aziris appearances on defense teams are because he casts his spell on a random gem?

That seems a stretch. Folks who want to lose put up unleveled troops or a single troop. Having a max-level Aziris as part of a 4-troop team says they’ve put some thought into it. I certainly assumed A. would use his spell to at least match 3 skulls, before I first saw him play against me.

(Or, did you think by “mistake” I meant “misclick”? No, I meant “thing that is unwise to do”. If his actual spell text read “change a random gem to a skull” how many invasion teams would we expect to see him on?)

I mostly agree, but if you do please add the option to skip enemy turns (so that they’re instantaneous). Sometimes AI is lucky already and the most annoying thing for me (and others from what I read on the forum) is passively looking on the screen for 30 secs or a minute as my team is being obliterated by some lucky drops. It would be probably worse with better AI play. If I’m to have the first two troops killed so be it, just don’t make me watch it… :frowning:


@GemsCollector there is a legit gameplay need to represent to the player what is happening during the enemy turn. People need to know WHY things are happening in order to learn to play against them.

That said, they could certainly improve the “long enemy turns” issue. There’s an “enemy is thinking” delay between actions that they could reduce by a lot. They could make the spellcast “announcement” be displayed simultaneously with the outcome. They could make gemfalling go even faster on enemy turns.

They could bundle a bunch of these things in an “accelerate enemy turns” option presented to the player. I certainly would have left that off while learning, but at some point I would have turned it on for sure.


A “no animations” option would help a lot.

Yes, people need to know why something happens, but I’d like this “instant AI turns” to be only an option, turned off by default.
Of course just speeding things up is also a solution. Perhaps best would be to have at least 3 settings: as it is now (default), fast (something along your lines) and instant. Maybe also something in-between.

Be aware, instant would include the experience: “I made a move, and then I lost. WTF?!”

Agree with your point on Aziris.

However, I think that if you made the other four happen then the AI win rate would skyrocket (particularly with combo breaker off). Defence control decks would be the ones skipped and the people complaining about 30secs would be talking minutes instead and it would be common to lose having played just a few turns.

I’m guessing the devs decided to increase the stats rather than the AI quality to avoid people losing all the time which drives players away.

Yes, I’m aware. And maybe I’d even turn it off if there was one “WTF?” too much :wink:
But you have a point, I guess if devs enabled such an option, even turned off by default, some people who really didn’t want it would turn it on and there would be even more shouts of “AI cheats” and “As suspected turning off AI turn display was a terrible idea” :wink:
But I’m mostly concerned that improving AI at all could lead to similar results :frowning:

How about allowing ME to decide. Whoever wants to sit out the 5 min animation is welcome to not turn that option on just like the ‘extended info’ and few others we already have.

While we are at it, the most annoying thing in the game for me for the last few months is the animation collecting kingdom tribute. Yeah, it looked cool the first 3 times, for every hour it is beyond irritating.

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There will be trolls always but let’s not confuse a forced situation where the combo breaker just gets forced to either on or off pissing off people who want it the other way around – and complaining about ‘I switched this option and now I feel miserable’.