When Steam account has been lost

Hi all,

My houble request for any solution to solve a lost account of our most
persistent player. I am reasing out for any help I can get

My friend at level 1016 lost his account at Steam doing a update.

We tried posting a ticked with the reply of Solved. Sadly my friend only get the toutrial to start with. Losing a lvl 1016 is a big lose to our Clan.

We posted everything like screenshot of his roster, his placing of in our guild, home city, his level,
his hero etc. to Gems support.

He had also crearted an account on a mobile device as a fall back device so he can link back.

Sadly The backup acount on the mobile device is no good since instead of giving oppunitty to log on it force a update resetting and deleting all data.

Recovering his Steam account went up with a fresh start of Gems - level 1.

Loosing him will be a big set back of our Clan.

What to do getting him back - I preciate any help we can get?

Yours Sincerely
Henrik Malmvig
Danish Wikings

If he already tried to recover his account and failed he must send in a ticket to the support center.


Support center is often closed for the weekend, so it might take a few days before you get help.