When is the next Gem Sale?


I can’t be the only one who wants to get all the things once the patch hits. Do we have a Gem sale coming up, say, around Christmas? I guess it will be dependent on the patch release as well.

@Sirrian, @Nimhain ?


Can I request the sale appear after the implementation of the VIP system?


AFAIK that’s in the patch as well. We just don’t know exactly what it does yet because it’s some sort of surprise.


I’m sure it’s similar to other VIP systems, higher gains on rewards, better deals when purchasing gems etc.



That is correct, plus there will be other perks as well. For example:

+100 Gold Login Bonus per day
2 Free Gold Keys per day
Free Scouting


I wonder how I it’s going to cost to get to vip 10


That explains that shield thingy.


What I’d like to know is if the system will be retroactive, since I’ve probably already spent enough for rank 10…


That is extremely unlikely. Reversing the gem spammers fix unlikely.


Yes, it will be.


Huh, honestly I wasn’t expecting that. Now I’m really looking forward to 1.0.8. :smile:


Me too! I wonder what vip level I’ll be at!


Will the VIP system be explained in part 3? And when is part 3? :wink:


I’m currently recording footage for part 3. VIP will be briefly explained in part 3.


I like vip programs.