When is Abynissia up next?

Hello, I would like to get ahold of an Abynissia. Does anyone know when she will be in the drop pool again?

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never, lol, you have better chance on a off week, but it will be exclusives for a few weeks now as we catch up

She’ll be in the drop pool whenever we’re not having an exclusive week, so probably Friday. But the odds of getting her specifically are extremely remote. Your best chance is to wait for the next Blighted lands event and try with event chests.


but aren’t those even 1 in a million?

I think about 1 in 1000, but at least if you do get a mythic, it’s the one you want.

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well you are right in that case

Ah, this explains why I got a 3rd Abynissia this week. :unamused:

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@Testr I’m so jelly, I still don’t have Aby.

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your a dev though, how is that true?

“In Theory” that particular Mytic will be in the Event Chest during the next Blight Lands Event and you would need about 1,000 Event Keys to have an approximate 2/3 chance.

“In Practice” You will need to have AT LEAST 3,000 Event Keys and an absolute Mountain of Gems saved up if you want a copy (possibly some extra real money to buy more Gems too).

Good Luck, you’ll need it.

I would personally wait for Crafting to arrive in 3.1.


Yeah but i got the feeling we won’t be able to craft mythic card :frowning:

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Pretty sure it was already confirmed that can craft mythics, and weapons.


If it’s true i can’t wait to see what it will take to craft a mythic card, it will be very very expensive imo

Probably gems + soul + glory + something new

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We rely on RNG too.!


Please @Saltypatra tell us a secret about crafting :slight_smile:



Here is my secret… LMGTFY - Let Me Google That For You

Lol you got me but i still love you :kissing_heart:

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looks like minecraft lol

Abby and gards avatar are two of the best mythics

Where was this confirmed?