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When do we get Illithia?

Does anyone know when it will drop? And how often do we get new factions?

Next Faction 24th July - maybe then again every 5 weeks.

Has anyone figured out how many traitstones we need to save up for the four new troops? It’s not on gowdb yet

Hive Mind will require 78 minor (yellow or purple?)
Illithian Servitor will require 66 minor (blue or purple?)

Traitstones always follow the same pattern.

16 Arcanes for Legendary (Plains)
12 for Epic (Spirit)
3 for Ultra Rare (Shield)
2 for Rare (Dark)

I have no idea what the amounts of lesser stones are, as I was never really short of them. Probably safe to say that if you farm the Arcanes, you’ll have enough of the Runics, Majors, and Minors.


Thank you. I’ve just got the two Arcane Dark and six Plains, so I’m a long ways away

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Have Explore 12 unlocked? Shield of Urskaya?

If so, pair that with Rowanne and/or Tesla, and then something like Leprechaun. You’ll have all you need in time, no problem :slight_smile:

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