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When did the secret Nerf go live on Orb of Assension?

When Orbs of Chaos were first introduced to the game the were 3ish Opportunities per month to get an Orb of Ascension at “random”. I was able to find a few on occasion, I could even combine minor into Major. Now we have nearly TRIPLE the chances with all the Events running all the time. But Orbs of Assension are more difficult to obtain with far more Events running.

Something doesn’t add up.

There is no way the percentage for an Assension is the same as Orb release. Either the Developers secretly nerfed the percentage or accidently reduced it with an update.


agree. i have not seen one in my last 20 orbs at least


I have had the same experience. I’ve literally not seen a major orb of ascension in months (and yes, my guild completes all events). I’ve only seen one minor orb of ascension in the last 2 months.


The drop rate for the orbs has never been even.
Ascension Orbs have always been super rare.
You were getting lucky. Now you aren’t.
I’ve used at least 5 minor Ascension Orbs and one major orb.
I get more mythic legendary tasks a month than I get Major Ascension Orbs if that helps.


I bet it got changed when faction troops were released. They want people to use (waste) shards to ascend them instead of just using ascension orbs. :wink:


Ascension has always been the rarest. Definitely seeing less lately though.

Its just a relative term, ‘less’. Gone from “rare” to “very rare”.


I’ve never used a major ascension but I use minor ones often in raid and invasion.

I guess I’m just unlucky. Cause your drop rate seems to be a lot more in favor of Ascension Orbs than mine is. Growth and Wisdom orbs are worthless to me. So I get more than I could ever want of them.


As best we can tell blue orbs are 15% chance. I don’t think any change has occurred it’s just rng. Personally I’ve been getting way more blues in the last month than usual. I went almost 3 months without getting a major blue prior the last one I got.

If only you could craft orbs from other orbs.
I’d even take 4 Major orbs = 1 Minor orb
(Or vault keys because why not more random)

I need ascension orbs
Guild orbs at least have some small use/value
Wisdom and Growth are not useless once gamers pass a certain point - This seems like a design element that could be addressed


1 in 7 wow!!! I’d love that high of drop rate. I know a few others have mentioned RNG as well. But its odd with nearly triple the monthly sample size compared to initial release you would think players should be closer to that as opposed to further away.

Based on the first month or two I always assumed it was around 10% so that ties in. But the last few months it seemed like 2-3%.


On gut feeling, I’d guess it’s more around 7% or so. As Strat said, even 1 in 7 is winning the lottery at this point.

If you just go off minor orbs only ( because the guaranteed major green throws stats off) I’m at 14.7% blue since beginning. There was a data thread that kept track for awhile and 15% was the guestimate back then too.

I’m super lucky, I just crafted my sixth orb of power. Took lots of blue orbs.

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Congrats, im almost there, i need 2 more major for my 6th power orb also

Drop has always been low. Used a few on raid/invade troops before I realized how rare they are. Makes sense that they would be rarer, they are much more valuable then all the other orbs.

The problem with probability-based events is you can only tell they are working if you get to try lots of times.

“I got more orbs of ascension when I had 3x fewer rolls” doesn’t prove the rate changed, unless you did thousands of rolls before and thousands of rolls after. It could also be explained by, “I was very lucky before, and I am not as lucky now.”

That explanation aside: I would work very hard for a guaranteed orb of ascension. It is one of the few things that would tempt me to exhaust my gem supply or spend enough to threaten my guild event participation. Even if I only had one shot per month, and it required a few hundred gems plus effort, I’d be very happy to know I had that one guarantee.

So while I reject the premise something has changed, I accept the premise that I’d like them to change.

What level players are seeing the lower drop rates?

I have no data or real thoughts on it yet, just curious.

Of the ones I spoken to on console in the 1,100-1,400 range.

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What’s a blue orb? LOL