When a new update 1.07 will be out?

The game developers, when new patch 1.07 will be coming out?
Please give us some update news.

Sorry Outlander, I meant reply earlier.

Sirrian explained what was going on here:

This info has been posted 3 weeks ago. Time for an update?

Something probably is taking longer than expected so the kingdom is here instead of the preview :slight_smile:


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Patch Preview coming soonTM.

You guys have been saying that so much lately, you practically could have it trade marked.

“Coming Soon™” -Gems of War Team

That’s an unsatisfying answer. Be aware that Sirrain posted the same 22 days ago.

Yes - sadly some things take longer in game development (and general software development) than planned.
There are SO many variables when scheduling something as seemingly simple as a software update, and more than half of them are out of our control.

In the interim though, we did manage to deliver you guys a new free kingdom update, and we delivered that on schedule, so we do continue to improve our ability to do this!

We could have had a patch preview already, but with a delay on the update that was out of our control, we decided to hold the preview until closer to the patch. Still not a satisfying answer I know, but the best we can offer.


Take your time. Neither you nor us is satisfied with a rushed, unfinished and bugged update.


Agreed. You guys do your thang! We will still be here, whenever the next patch gets through :sunglasses:

Agreed! (Fish hairdresser wibble wibble to take it over 10 characters)